It seems a strange old time for the Complete Edition of Farming Simulator 15 to finally arrive on Xbox One – but it’s here and it’s packed with content.

With the base game originally releasing way back in 2015 (you know, as the name suggests), and then a newer improved version of the title arriving in the form of Farming Simulator 17, we’re somewhat perplexed as to the need of a Complete Edition of Farming Simulator 15 on Xbox One. But who are we to complain at seeing new bundles arrive on the Xbox One Games Store.

So, what do we have? Well, we have the two year old Farming Simulator 15, plus every single bit of content ever produced for the game. That means you can get your hands on the Farming Classics, the Mod Pack, the JCB Pack, the Lamborghini DLC, the Rostelmash DLC, ITRunner DLC, New Holland DLC AND the Holmer DLC. With the chance to sow your seed, look after some cows, chicken and sheep and drive some of the meanest machines in the land, then Farming Simulator 15 looks set to fulfil all your farming needs.

Or it would do if it was any good. Which it isn’t. OR if it hadn’t been left behind by Farming Simulator 17. Which it has.

But hey, if after reading our review you still want to jump over to the Xbox Games Store, then this link will help.

Game Description:

Get Farming Simulator 15: Complete Edition, and receive the original game plus all DLCs, giving you access to a huge variety of official vehicles and equipment. This bundle includes the following content: – Farming Simulator 15 Gold Edition – Farming Classics DLC – Mod Pack DLC – JCB DLC – Lamborghini Nitro 120 DLC – Rostselmash Niva DLC – ITRunner DLC – New Holland DLC – HOLMER DLC Farming Simulator 15 offers an immense open world filled with details and visual effects! Online with friends in multiplayer, or in solo, manage and develop your own farm: harvesting, animal husbandry (cows, chicken and sheep), sales of fresh products, investment in new and more powerful vehicles or tools…


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