port royale 4 buccaneers

Think you’ve got what it takes to become the Caribbean’s most notorious swashbuckler? You’ll get to prove it with the Buccaneers expansion for Port Royale 4. 

Available to purchase and add into Port Royale 4 today, Buccaneers brings forth a brand new game mode – cleverly following the titular Buccaneers vibe – which will allow potential scallywags to amass a crew and head out to capture or build their own pirate fleets. With 12,000,000 square kilometres of uncharted Caribbean to explore, the opportunity to raise the Jolly Roger will never have been so appealing. 

Priced at £4.99, Buccaneers features all new Port Royale 4 missions, additional gameplay features and an extended soundtrack that will help with the immersion. The key features of this expansion include:

  • New ‘Buccaneer Mode’ for Free Game: choose your hometown and raid other colonial nations as a bona fide swashbuckler
  • Capture your opponents’ ships or build your own fleet of privateers in the shipyard, including the Pirate Barque and Pirate Galleon
  • Privateer for other nations to increase your fame and infamy 
  • Annex other nation’s towns and add them to your sovereign territory 
  • New game objectives and missions focused on piracy, combat, and conquest
  • New ‘pirate’ aesthetic for your nation’s buildings and towns 
  • Jaunty new music during naval battles 

You’ll obviously need the base game of Port Royale 4 to hand in order to enjoy what Buccaneers is able to provide, but from there out it’s a simple case of heading to the store of your choosing and adding the DLC to your game. You’ll found it, and Port Royale 4 as a whole, present on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and PC. There’s a Nintendo Switch version dropping later.

If you haven’t played it, Port Royale 4 is pretty damn good – at least good enough for our review to sing high praises of the engaging trade systems, excellent tutorial and massive map. We don’t give stuff a big 4.5/5 score for nothing, you know. 

We’ll have some thoughts surrounding the whole Buccaneers business as and when we can too. For now though, head to the likes of the Xbox Store to take home a download.

DLC Description:

It is the Golden Age of piracy and buccaneers roam the seas! Sail under the Jolly Roger, plunder and raid convoys loaded with precious booty and work to establish your own nation to become the most notorious buccaneer in the Caribbean. Port Royale 4 – Buccaneers introduces ‘Buccaneer’ mode to Free Game. Dedicate yourself to privateering and let the cannons do the talking!

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