There it was, happily sitting at the back of the galaxy, minding its own little business for years on end. Until one day the powers that be decided that Pluto was no longer worthy of planet status. It is from there with which we pick up the story of Plutobi: The Dwarf Planet Tales.

Available now on Xbox One, Plutobi: The Dwarf Planet Tales can be nabbed for $14.99. Only currently available in the North American region, should you be after a game that tells the tale of what happened to Pluto after it was kicked off the planet list, then this is the game for you. Of course, it may not be true to life, but…

You’ll be tasked with taking control of Plutobi, before absorbing enough asteroids to become the strongest planet in the universe, taking on and defeating 60 planets, moons and mega asteroids in the process.

The Xbox Games Store will happily sort you out with a download, whilst we’ll be sure to let you know should the wonderful world of Plutobi ever appear in other regions.

Game Description:

Plutobi(the nickname of Pluto) was kicked out of the planet list in 2006 and became a dwarf planet, because he is so small and weak. So he decided to show his power to other planets in the Solar System. Absorb many asteroids and become stronger. Also defeat about 60 Planets, Moons and Mega Asteroids to show his power.

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