They’ve just popped up to let us know that the super-cute Alchemic Cutie is coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, but that doesn’t mean PM Studios are stopping there. Nope, they’ve dropped the bomb on three new release dates too, with confirmation of Ever Forward, Guts ‘N Goals and Exophobia. 

Announced at the New Game+ Expo, PM Studios are looking to bring three new games to console later this year, with the 3D puzzling Ever Forward, the manic arcade-styled soccer Guts ‘N Goals, and the brutal old-school pixeled FPS, Exophobia all confirmed for release between June and October this year. 

Coming to nearly every format you could wish for full details of each game are below – it’s certainly looking like being a busy year for the PM Studios team. 

Ever Forward

Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch – June 29th 2021

Ever Forward

Ever Forward is a 3D puzzle game featuring the story of Maya. She is lost in a strange world somewhere between reality and imagination. Alone she has to confront her despair on a journey of discovery; where she must unlock her memories and confront her fears to unravel the secrets of the world. Players will need to use their observational skills and intelligence to solve multiple puzzles to discover the mystery of Maya’s past and what dark secrets she has buried.

Guts ‘N Goals

Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, PC – August 31st 2021

Guts and goals

Guts ‘N Goals aims to send players on a raucous arcade-style soccer match where the goal is to literally beat up friends along the way. Everyone takes to the field with a bat in hand that is used to strike the ball… or other players… in a smack-tastic fight to score as many goals as possible before the game is over. And if you escape with your life, consider yourself lucky!

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Newly announced are the Grand Prix and Challenges modes. Grand Prix is a single player mode where the player has to go through 8 stages and a final match, each stage can be a soccer match, a minigame or a bonus stage to earn crowns (the game ingame currency), the final match is a soccer match with one of the enemies being more powerful. Playing the grand prix with a character unlocks a special skin for that character. The challenges mode contains 32 challenges that unlock content. Challenges are games with special conditions and can be a 2vs3, a duel between two characters, and stuff like that. Challenges themselves are unlocked by unlocking the character that is used in that challenge.


Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, PC – October 5th 2021


In the brutally old-school pixel FPS Exophobia, players find themselves on an abandoned spaceship filled to the brim with unforgiving hordes of aliens. It’s a fight to the finish in this retro-inspired fast-paced shooter that comes complete with secret areas to discover and weapons to upgrade. Plus there’s ziplines that you’ll see in the trailer below.

As always, let us know which of the games you are most interested in. Will you be picking and choosing your purchasing later in 2021, or have the three trailers PM Studios have provided got you hyped. The comments are below. 


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