Don’t you just love a game that feels different each and every time you play it? Well Polygod, the randomly generated FPS, aims to ensure every session offers a fresh experience and it’s out right now!

Polygod is a rather minimalistic FPS with rogue-like elements and randomly generated levels, providing a whole load of replayability and presenting a challenge to even the most hardcore of gamers – it has a really brutal difficulty curve that requires plenty of skill, or at least a good strategic approach. You’ll be able to combine and stack ‘blessings’, which enables the creation of literally thousands of unique weapons and ensures there’s depth to the customisation. Utilising the blessings will be handy in trying to come out of the epic boss fights in one piece and defeat the Trial of the Gods.

It’s been a long road to release and we’re super excited to finally get the game into the hands of our community” commented Dominic Obojkovits, co-founder, Lead Designer & Programmer at Krafted Games. “ We firmly believe PolyGod offers a unique take on the FPS genre and are confident that our ideas and game direction will strike a chord with the hardcore fans of the genre worldwide 

Both online multiplayer and local modes are present too, thus allowing players to enjoy the addictively fast-paced action with friends. Should Polygod be an enticing prospect to you, it’s available today from the Xbox Store for Xbox One. Those gamers playing on other platforms – Nintendo Switch and PC – need to visit their respective digital stores.

Features include:

  • Infinite level possibilities – maps are randomly generated and seeded providing a tonne of replayability, but then shareable among friends in order to encourage competition with full leaderboard support
  • Brutal Difficulty curve – Only the most skilled gamers will ascend to Godhood…
  • Online co-op and versus multiplayer – Allows for competitive fun to be had among friends featuring daily leaderboards. (Versus multiplayer not available on Switch.)
  • Skill based gameplay – Built upon a principle that if one lacks skill, it can be substituted for strategy and vice versa. Eg. unskilled strategic players will be just as good as skilful nonstrategic players.
  • Unique ‘Blessings’ based weapon customisation system – Combine and stack ‘blessings’ to create hundreds of thousands of unique weapons, blessings combine to give a high level of depth. Deep understanding is required to fully utilise the blessing system which in turn gives a high replay value
  • Classic FPS controls – POLYGOD’s controls are reminiscent of Quake 3 and the original Doom, bringing a classic gameplay vibe back having been absent since the 90’s!
  • Gyroscopic controls – Nintendo Switch version only
  • Super fast paced and addictive – requires hundreds of hours to master, a speed-runner/hardcore gamer’s dream

If you’re undecided, hang fire for our review which is in the pipeline, or check out the launch trailer from back in July below.

Game Description:

Polygod is a rogue-like, randomly generated, single & multiplayer FPS with a brutal difficulty curve! Blending a fast-paced, Quake-esque feel with the randomness, difficulty and power-up system of The Binding of Isaac, Polygod is a hardcore gamer and speedrunners dream. Only the most skilled and strategic players will defeat the Trial of the Gods. You are a Faceless One: a one-armed, gun-wielding assassin of legend. The seven deities of Polygod will test your skill with randomly generated arenas of hostile minions, followed by a boss fight against a ruthless Holy Champion. Each of the arenas features five Altars of Worship, offering you Blessings in exchange for Souls you have collected along your journey. Blessings combine and stack to create unique gun effects, but each has consequences, so choose wisely if you wish to survive each wicked challenge. And don’t forget, death is permanent in this purgatory of the gods! The art style is inspired by the meta-physical surrealist artist Giorgio de Chirico who is famously revered for his eerie mood and strange artificiality of cityscapes.


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