Xbox One Controller Beside Three Xbox One Cases

Mobile gaming is a popular pastime for many. With the portability and convenience of handheld devices, it is no surprise that 47% of UK smartphone owners use their mobiles to play online and app games. This surpasses the use of mobiles for online banking at 40% and reading the news at just over 30%.

But with smaller screens and lesser sound quality, mobile games do not always offer the same immersive experience that consoles such as Xbox do. Also, while players can connect with other devices during multiplayer games, consoles offer the ability to connect other controllers to the same device and play competitively or cooperatively with friends and family in the same room.

Currently, mobile games have a 16% higher market share in comparison to consoles. However, through the introduction of popular mobile game titles such as Into the Dead and Oddmar, consoles may be able to leverage some of this share. Here are 5 games that would do well if released on Xbox:

Clash of Clans

As a strategy game with a fantasy theme, Clash of Clans became instantly popular on its release back in 2012, receiving a score of 73 out of 100 on MetaCritic and an impressive 80% on GameRankings. It also achieved the third highest game revenue on the Apple App Store and top place on Google Play.

In this game, players enter a mysterious world where they must build villages, establish armies and fight their enemies. Using an array of weapons including canons, bombs, traps and walls, you and your clan must protect your home and defeat the Goblin King.

By releasing this adventure app onto Xbox, its developers could reach a wider audience. Playing on a console would give users better vision of the areas they need to defend and would give more control options during battles. After having received such a good reception with mobile players, expanding onto different types of devices would likely be welcomed by its current fan base.

Mobile Bingo

Online bingo has become hugely popular in recent years, with an estimated 3.5 million people now playing in the UK. Bingo is a game enjoyed by both younger and older generations, where players are given a random set of numbers which they then cross off if chosen by chance by the bingo caller. The first person to have their numbers chosen wins a cash prize.

There is a wide selection of bingo sites available to players, many with different themes and target audiences. With there being high interest in the game and such a vast selection of mobile bingo sites on offer, affiliate sites such as Bingoport exist to help users find the latest promotions and best game operators.

While many mobile bingo sites have chatrooms and forums for players to interact with other users, offering the game on Xbox would allow individuals to play with their friends and family. Console bingo would allow younger people to introduce the Xbox to their older generation family members, making it a useful tool for spending time together.


Winner of the prestigious Apple Design Award in 2018, Oddmar is an action-adventure game available for download on iOS and android devices. Players journey through a viking world across nordic lands, following the Viking Oddmar as he battles through physics-based puzzles and platforming challenges. During adventures in hazardous snowy mountains and mystical forests, players will encounter many friends and foes and must try to avoid treacherous mines along the way.

While the Xbox offers some similar alternatives such as Rayman Legends and Limbo, Oddmar’s superb range of controls and stunning mechanics offers unique and truly addictive gameplay.

Bringing Oddmar to console seems a logical next step for its developers, its vibrant graphics would be even more impressive on a larger screen size. Also, controlling the use of the character’s magically imbued weapons and shields could easily be adapted from touchscreen to Xbox controls.

Board Games Lite

The ideal app for board game lovers, Board Games Lite allows users to play traditional games on the go. Developed in Germany by Lite Games GmbH, it has had over 25 million downloads across the globe. The app includes digitised versions of many popular games, such as Snakes and Ladders, Backgammon, Ludo and Goose’s Game. Available on both iOS and android, Board Games Lite has plenty of exciting gaming options, with different AI, velocities and boards to keep the game interesting.

An Xbox version would allow players to have a more immersive game experience, comparable to the original board game but without the need to purchase individual games and the fuss of setting up the board ready for play.

Into the Dead 2: Zombie Apocalypse

Another mobile game that could easily be adapted for Xbox is Into the Dead 2: Zombie Apocalypse, which has achieved over 70 million downloads on iOS and android collectively.

In this game, players must journey through a terrifying zombie apocalypse in order to save their family. Armed with powerful weapons, they must do whatever they can to cross treacherous terrain and slay the undead. With top quality artwork and terrifyingly realistic audio, developers PikPok have created a rich and captivating gaming experience.

Bringing this game to console devices would give players the opportunity to really immerse themselves in the game’s horror themed setting. With over 60 stages to explore, playing this game requires time and focus – both of which are difficult to achieve on a handheld device.

From digital board games to fantasy battle apps, many popular mobile games could do well if adapted for Xbox. Players could benefit from better high definition graphics, more captivating sounds and more multiplayer opportunities. In the competitive gaming industry, companies must be willing to take risks and introduce themselves on new platforms.