If you’ve been sat with your console casting a beady eye towards the PC world and the brilliance of SimCity, then you may well have been left rather jealous. But where console players can’t currently enjoy creating forever more with SimCity, the launch of Cities: Skylines at the start of 2017 ensured that a similar experience could well be undertaken. Now that Cities: Skylines adventure is growing – and it’s all thanks to the brilliant community that helps push it along.

The Cities: Skylines Content Creator Pack on Xbox One comes with a £7.99 price tag attached, but it does bring a series of new buildings which should let you create the city of your dreams, all of which have been created by Matt “Shroomblaze” Crux and Mauro “GCVos” Vos.

But what is included? Well, if you like a bit of Art Deco then you’ll be sorted with the 6 residential buildings, 6 commercial premises and 3 further unique buildings that have been included. If that isn’t to your tastes though, then 15 new creations including 10 unique structures and 5 advanced city service buildings will let you embrace modern technology.

With the base game present in your Xbox library – if you haven’t yet bought it read our review and then get it purchased – should you wish to hop in and take a look at the latest Creators Content, then the Microsoft Store will send it your way for £7.99.

Will you be checking it out? Let us know down below.

Content Creator Pack Description:

Created by incredible members of the Cities: Skylines community, the Content Creator Pack adds a series of new buildings to your town — unique structures, service buildings, and new residential & commercial styles will give your city a brand-new feel! The pack includes: Art Deco A pack of new buildings from Matt “Shroomblaze” Crux adds an Art Deco flair to your town with 6 spawnable residential buildings, 6 spawnable commercial buildings, and 3 unique buildings. High-Tech Buildings Add a splash of “archi-technology” to the city with fifteen new creations from Mauro “GCVos” Vos. Ten new unique buildings plus five technologically advanced city service buildings will have your town ready for a better tomorrow!

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