Microsoft’s Gaming Cloud Team is developing game streaming to unlock console-quality gaming regardless of the device used. The xCloud game streaming will use Xbox hardware and could be the answer to Microsoft leading the mobile gaming industry. As opposed to Sony PlayStation, its rival, Microsoft has 54 Azure cloud service regions with access to 140 countries. Sony, on the other hand with its Amazon S3, has 14 data centres for its PlayStation Now streaming service.

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Microsoft have used the Xbox Game Pass catalogue as well as new [email protected] games in pushing digital gaming forward. Microsoft has brought mobile games to Android which come with Xbox Live integration. A popular aspect of video game playing on Xbox consoles is called Xbox Achievements. The associated Gamerscore and Xbox Achievements are not limited to Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles but link to Android and iOS devices as well.

Technological growth

The influx of technology forced industries around the globe to redevelop and the casino industries are no exception. Mobile gaming is globally prevalent and that is not solely due to new player bonuses which can sometimes include free cash, promotions or even daily jackpots. The list and types of games on offer by an online casino in the UK are also part of the equation.  Technological application growth in this industry is further backed up by the UK Gambling Commission Report showing that 51% of players use mobile devices.

Mobile devices, especially Android, are also the reason that Minecraft reached 74 million players in beginning 2018. In the same year,  Microsoft also teamed up with Nintendo, enabling cross-play on Nintendo Switch, Windows, Xbox One and mobile devices. The current community of Minecraft reached a total of 91 million players with the collaboration of the leading game providers.

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Sony has kept the PlayStation 4 gaming line-up fresh and sold more than 50 million titles to date. Sony’s real competition came from Nintendo Switch with predictions that both should sell around 17 million units. Microsoft with its Xbox units is expected to lag behind with a predicted 10 million units. However, looking at gaming revenue, Microsoft grew 18% year-over-year. The Xbox Live active users grew 1% year-over-year to an astronomical 59 million. Strong growth is evident and continues to exceed expectations and brings more unprecedented experiences to mobile devices, Windows PCs and Xbox One.

Even though Sony’s PS4 remains this generation’s best-selling console and the Xbox One second, Microsoft’s gaming division did not experience a massive profit decline from its gaming division nor a lack of enthusiasm. If anything, Microsoft bounced back with the release of backwards compatibility and xCloud that runs on tablets and mobile phones. It is playable using touch input or paired through Bluetooth to an Xbox wireless controller.

Is Microsoft going to be the mobile industry leader? It does appear to be a development worth watching, especially with the ability to use apps for gaming.

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