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The debut title from ShrooMoon, Elements Destiny is a Retro-JRPG, that just so happens to come with a strong story focus and turn based combat. And Deck13 Spotlight will be behind the publishing.

Having been in development for several years already, Elements Destiny will give you the chance to change the future when it releases on PC and console in 2023. coming from the ShrooMoon team, with Deck13 now also behind it, hopes are high for what this retro-styled JRPG can deliver.

Originally a hobby project that soon became a fully fleshed out JRPG with a compelling story, crafting systems, a complex combat system and lovely pixel-art visuals, Elements Destiny is set in the world of Solitas which is threatened by a new shadow crusade. Only the descendants of the Clans of the Elements have the power to avert it – descendants like Erika. And so she embarks on a journey into the unknown that will take her throughout Solitas and perhaps beyond.

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It’s here where you’ll get to join Erika on her mission, as you go about trying to find all those who have been chosen to walk this path with her and awaken their elemental powers. These not only open up unique possibilities in battle, but also help you overcome various obstacles along the way. Expect to spend time trying to defeat terrifying monsters, treacherous adversaries and even, at times, Erika’s own fears.

See, Solitas depends on you. Every single one of your heroes has special abilities for crafting and during the fights against countless fantastic monsters. You’ll get to master the elements and experience a complex story where nothing is as it seems, as bit by bit, you put the puzzle pieces you discover during your journey together. The goal is clear, but the paths to it are more branched out than they seem. Has the battle between light and darkness always been preordained? And what role do you play in all of this?

The debut title from ShrooMoon, you should be safe in the knowledge that this team have previously worked on the likes of CrossCode. Elements Destiny will release in 2023 for PC and consoles, launching in combination with a gigantic soundtrack with over 100 tracks.

Check out the trailer below and let us know your thoughts.

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