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From the aptly named Orc Chop Games, the Goblins will soon be looking to fight back against extinction as Goblin Stone prepares to deliver some new turn-based adventuring to PC and console. 

Accompanied by a Steam PC demo, a new gameplay trailer has emerged for Goblin Stone, the next turn-based affair to come from the team at Orc Chop Games. After being hunted to near extinction, it’s a game in which the Goblins will take up arms, fighting back across PC, on Steam Deck, Xbox Series X|S, PS5 and Nintendo Switch. 

In Goblin Stone you’ll gather up a ragtag group of Goblins as you look to change their fate, working out of your own unique lair and taking in some gloriously stunning procedurally generated environments. It’s in the lair where the magic will happen, as you breed, expand and recruit, building out your Goblin roster from a host of classes. 

Do so and you’ll find a sprawling world to explore, one which is held together by the turn-based battling that is found in its lands. It’s here where you’ll get to work your party and their items, defining their fighting roles, positions and abilities as you look to push back the adventurers who are trying to take your clan down. 

And don’t expect all your army to survive – death is on the cards, but that in turn will allow an ancestor to look to strengthen the future. 

The key game features include:

  • Explore a vast and beautiful world with procedurally generated hand-drawn 2D environments.
  • Build a sprawling goblin lair chamber by chamber, where only ruins stood before.
  • Battle despicable humans, elves, and dwarves in an innovative squad based battle system.
  • Breed the next generation of goblins to bolster your roster and maximize their inherited strengths.
  • Determine your adventuring party as you venture into the wilds by mixing 10 unique goblin classes such as the Raider, Guard, and Shaman.
  • Think tactically as you balance your positioning, abilities, energy and attack rotations for maximum impact.
  • Make difficult choices as you decide which goblins to keep and which to toss.
  • Experience more than 100 hand-illustrated story panels, voiced by James Smillie.
  • Enjoy music composed by the award-winning Peter McConnell of Monkey Island and Hearthstone fame. 

With music created by Peter McConnell of Monkey Island and Broken Age fame, voicing from James Smillie and a demo going live on PC through Steam, there’s some serious hype and interest in what Goblin Stone can create. Expect to find this one launching for real on PC, Xbox Series X|S, PS5, Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch simultaneously in 2023. 

For now, it’s well worth you taking in the trailer below. 

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