In Castaway Paradise you will have the freedom to do anything you like – and you’ll very soon be experiencing that freedom on Xbox One and PS4.

Announced today by the development team at Stolen Couch Games, Castaway Paradise is a town building sim that has been hugely inspired by the likes of Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon. Promising to take you on an instant vacation, it’ll have you dressing up, collecting bugs, sitting at the side of the lake as you go fishing, growing crops and helping out your new neighbours.

The best thing of all though is that it’ll be coming to Xbox One and PS4 pretty soon, with July 31st 2018 the set release date.

With the Dutch studio CodeglueB.V. handling the console port for Stolen Couch Games, should you be looking to head off on a trip to a paradise island, or just fancy getting creative with a whole host of opportunities, Castaway Paradise should be the game for you.

But why should you visit? Well, after a disastrous tropical storm hit the island, the local villagers are after help – YOUR HELP. It will therefore be up to you to help rebuild the land, choosing from hundreds of different options in order to decorate your house the way you want it. Replanting beaches, helping out neighbours and ensuring you are dressed for the occasion will all be high on your agenda, with the following features all present:

  • Relax: take a holiday to your own tropical island!
  • Gardens feed the soul… and your stomach. Harvest crops, catch fish or chase bugs.
  • After a storm, a rainbow! Build your own holiday home and decorate it during special holidays.
  • Dress for the occasion: every season offers its own wardrobe with 100s of outfit pieces you can combine as you please.
  • Good fences make good neighbours! Get to know your fellow villagers and help them with their daily activities.

Check out the tropical travel trailer below for more of an insight into the goings-on on this wonderfully quirky little island and then set a date in your diaries for the end of July. For it is then when you will get to go on a trip of a lifetime… and in Castaway Paradise you can do whatever you like!

If you do like what you are seeing then you can also pre-order the game right now from the Xbox Store. The usual price is discounted to just £8.83 for a bit too.

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