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When you’ve already got Goat Simulator in your back catalogue, you can pretty much try anything, and that is where Just Die Already comes in. Previously announced by Armin Ibrisagic and Curve Digital, the Old People Mayhem Sandbox has today received a full release date – and it’ll be arriving on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Switch and PC real soon. 

In fact, it’ll be May 20th 2021 when Just Die Already pops up onto the relevant Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC (Steam) stores, bringing with it a game in which you’ll be happy to lose a limb or two, as you pull off ridiculous stunts in the hope that you can earn some free care. 

Just Die Already focuses on the lives of numerous old folk who have found themselves kicked out of their retirement homes. Now though they are on the lookout for some new free care, yet they’ll have to prove they deserve it by performing dangerous challenges, competing against each other. 

A solo or multiplayer affair, Just Die Already comes with full cross-platform four-player online opportunities, as you and your mates get the chance to lose limbs by shark bite, by being squished, squashed and shot to pieces. With any form of serious nature totally thrown out of the window, you can be sure that Just Die Already will bring the humour that we all required. 

“Just Die Already might be a fictional tale of OAPs competing for spots in retirement homes, but given the folks in those homes have food & drink, company, and – most importantly – haircuts on tap, I’m starting to think I should join then,” offers DoubleMoose co-founder Armin Ibrisagic. “Seriously, after a year of COVID-dodging, there’s not a single person in a retirement home who doesn’t look younger and fresher than anyone at DoubleMoose. At least we can now take on the comparatively sprightly forms of Just Die Already’s cast of characters when the game launches on May 20th.”

We’ll remind you when that May 20th release date rolls into play. For now though, check out the latest trailer. 

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