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It may still seem some way off, but before we know it the holiday season will be here. But whilst many will be looking at a purchase of a new console around that time, others will be gearing up for family reunions and gatherings, as they celebrate the year that has passed – yeah, loads to celebrate, eh! And that is where the party games come in, with an old favourite, that of Let’s Sing ensuring you’ll be able to raise the roof with the next iteration – Let’s Sing 2021 on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch

Detailed and dated today by those at Ravenscourt and Voxler, Let’s Sing 2021 will follow on from last year’s rather excellent Let’s Sing 2020 to deliver a whole new set of tunes to would-be karaoke stars. Dropping on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch come November 13th 2020, you’ll be able to grab your mic and rock out – alone or with friends.

Let’s Sing 2021 is all about letting the music take control as you attempt to become the star of your party. This next chapter in the Let’s Sing series will provide a whole host of new hits and stars, including the likes of Billie Eilish with “Bad Guy”, TONES AND I with “Dance Monkey”, Jonas Brothers with “Sucker”, Panic! at the Disco with “High Hopes” or Ariana Grande with “Thank U, Next”.

But there will also be old classics too – Genesis with “I Can’t Dance” and Seal with “Kiss From A Rose” will be amongst the tracklist that is currently sitting at 30 songs strong.

Let’s Sing 2021 will also provide a ton of game modes too. Details as follows:

Legend Mode: A brand new long-term solo experience has been added to the game fresh for LS2021. The goal of this mode is to give the players a sense of progression. The avatars have now been given personalities and will pose as our antagonists. These avatars pose challenges getting more difficult as the player progresses.

Classic: Perform Solo or together with your friends. Hit the right notes can score the most points – can you crack the high score?

Feat.: Find your perfect match! The better you sing together, the higher is your “compatibility score”. Singing with friends and family or also team up with your idol in the single-player mode.

World Contest: Take on the world! Try to reach the top of the leaderboard or just have fun with your friends – choose a player you want to challenge and try to beat other singers online. The game shows the performance of the other players as if you were singing together.

Mix Tape 2.0: Mix different Medleys together with this innovative game mode. Each mix is dynamically generated and thus guarantees a playlist that never repeats itself and a lot of fun. Create your own mixtapes with your favourite songs with the mixtape creator.

Jukebox: Relax after your singing session with a list of songs for the next groovy party.

Let’s Party: 8 Players, 2 Teams and randomly chosen game modes (There are seven in total) will bring your Let’s Sing party to the next level. Two teams up to 4 players with two mics! With the addition of “Pop Chicken”

Playlist Creator: This new updated system now allows you to pick which mode to play as well as songs you want to sing. The player can now create their own playlist and play it in Classic, Feat. And Mixtape mode.

Providing plenty of fun times, Let’s Sing will work with USB mics, or will give the opportunity to turn your smartphone into a microphone with the Let’s Sing Microphone-App

Features will include:

• Strong playlist with 30 international hits and original music videos

• Singing Analysis has now been included giving the player a sense of reward in a meaningful and personalized manner. Not only will you get the medals but now the game will give you some well-deserved feedback!

• Sing solo or up to four players

• The new Legend game mode with 16 challengers, 3 basic challenges and a final battle against each antagonist . This mode serves as a progression incentive for players.

• PS4: choose between within maximum of 4 Smartphones or 2 USB-Mics + 2 Headsets or 2 USB-Mics + 2 SingStar-Mics

• Xbox One and Nintendo Switch: choose between within maximum of 4 Smartphones, 2 USB-Mics and 1 headset

• Seven exciting game modes: Legend Mode, Classic, Mixtape 2.0, Feat., Jukebox, World Contest, Let’s Party.

• New mini game in Let’s Party called “Pop Chicken”. Pop Chicken gives players a unique and unpredictable experience. While battling it out players can now sing for mystery boxes which can be used to get an advantage over your competition.

• No mic at hand? It doesn’t matter – with the Let’s Sing Microphone-App, you can turn your smartphone into a microphone in no time at all

• Climb the online leaderboard and get more song packs in the online store like ‘Best of 90’s’, ‘Party Classics’ and more

We’ll be sure to remind you when that November release rolls into play but expect to see Let’s Sing 2021 on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch available in Solus, 1-Mic and 2-Mic flavours. Which will you pick up? Let us know in the comments.

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