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Prepare to wear superpowered underwear as Brief Battles is announced for Xbox One and PC


It may have a crazy premise, but it promises to bring something slightly different to the platform fighting scene. Yep, get yourself ready for Brief Battles!

Due for arrival on Xbox One and PC in Q1 2018, Brief Battles is a fast-paced, underwear-fueled platform fighter from Australian two-man indie developer, Juicy Cupcake. Inviting up to four players to leap, dodge and smash their way through colorful 2.5D arenas, butting others out of the couch gaming competition, Brief Battles is all about proving who has the mightiest buns.

Expect a ton of match types, including free for all and team bouts, with Hold the Gold rewarding players who strut the longest in a hefty pair of golden briefs. Underpants Collector meanwhile encourages you to out-hoard your fellow undergarment enthusiasts. It’s not just a multiplayer title though and a single-player wave mode, target practice stages and more secret-for-now modes will also celebrate the most fantastical of garments.

For the fun to really hit home, you’ll find that the characters involved will gain absurd talents by donning an arsenal of powerful underpants and deploying their attire’s abilities in arenas full of interactive elements and distinctive hazards including ice-slicked floors, pools of acid and collapsing platforms. You can expect vibrant locales and goofy abilities as the game’s lighthearted humor takes hold, mixing bright palettes with plump heroes to provide an inviting atmosphere for all ages.

“Brief Battles’ jovial premise is an open invitation for any group to enjoy playful clashes and unite through a shared passion for couch gaming platform fighters,” said Andrew Freeth, co-founder, Juicy Cupcake. “With a wealth of match types, arena styles and power-ups, there will be ample opportunity to spar with an array of quirky briefs during any game night.”

We’ll keep you up to date with the insane antics of Brief Battles in the weeks and months ahead.

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