Do you need new heroes? Do you need new maps? Do you need new customisation options? You really need Season Two of For Honor!

For Honor Season Two is available now, with Shadow and Might building on everything that we came to know and love about the first chapter in the For Honor universe. Now though we’re getting access to the lethal Shinobi and fierce Centurion, two new heroes who will no doubt kick the game into life once more.

Also in place are two new maps – The Forge and Temple Garden – which expand the selection of available multiplayer maps, and more customisation items and Gear overhauls.

Available right now to all For Honor Season Pass holders, if you are one of those who didn’t jump in fully the first time around, but fancy taking a look at the new content, then you’ll need to hang on a week until May 23rd, after which you’ll be able to grab the new heroes for 15,000 Steel each.

The For Honor team has also made numerous improvements to hero balancing, gear, matchmaking, and network stability, whilst much more is planned for the coming weeks and months. If you haven’t visited the battlefield for some time, or are new to the fight, then it really should be worth your while paying it a visit.

Shadow & Might brings all of the following to the For Honor table:

  • Shinobi (Samurai Assassin): The Shinobi are experts at maneuvering around the battlefield. Equipped with backflip, front roll, dodge cancel and super sprint abilities, Shinobi are hyper agile and mobile heroes. While their low health and difficulty performing defensive counters can leave them vulnerable, their agility and long-range attacks more than make up for their lack of defense. They wield the traditional Japanese kusarigama, a weapon composed of a sickle with a chain attached. With the ability to throw and retract their kusarigama and grab at a distance, Shinobi have the longest range of any hero.
  • Centurion (Knight Hybrid): Centurions are close-quarters melee fighters that specialize in bypassing defenses and draining their opponent’s stamina. Their short range necessitates getting up close and personal to knock opponents off balance. Once enemies are staggered, the Centurion can punish them with a charged heavy and high damage jump attack. Equipped with the reliable standard-issue gladius, the Centurion is perfectly suited for getting in close and executing short-range combination attacks.
  • New Maps: Season Two will also expand upon the selection of multiplayer maps with the inclusion of Forge and Temple Garden. Forge represents the might of Ashfeld and the brute force of the Knight war machine. The Temple Garden embodies the beauty and harmony of the Myre but has since been turned into a Samurai battlefield. Both maps are available in all multiplayer modes.
  • Gear Overhaul: Shadow & Might revamps the gear system by addressing stats that are not useful or made redundant by other stats, while ensuring that no one statistical category is too powerful and thereby eliminating overpowered builds. The presentation of gear stats will also change as players comparing gear can now see the specific percentage increases in individual categories.
  • Epic Level Gear: Coinciding with the gear system makeover comes an entirely new level of gear, Epic gear, which increases the maximum gear score from 108 to 144.
  • Expanded Faction War: With Season One of the Faction War coming down to the wire between the Vikings and Samurai, the Faction War map will see changes with the introduction of nine new territories into the cross-platform metagame. With honour, pride and exclusive in-game rewards on the line, the twelve-week Faction War decides which faction is truly superior.

If you want to know more about For Honor, then you could do worse than check out our full review of the game.


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