Sega promised us a whole host of free content after the launch of Valkyria Revolution and today sees a trio of new scenarios arrive to have a bash at, all rolled into one priceless pack.

The Princess and the Valkyria Scenario Pack revolves around Princess Ophelia and the deadly Valkyria – an ancient and powerful being. Throughout the three scenarios – ‘Hunger Pangs and Royal Pains’, ‘The Soloist of the Battlefield’ and ‘Study of Flowers’ – you’ll discover the inner conflict that the crimson-eyed Valkyria faces and the mystery behind Princess Ophelia’s lethal grace on the battlefield, as well as a tale of the hunger that grabbed a hold of her during a seemingly peaceful day.

All three of these scenarios can be added to the myriad of content found in Valkyria Revolution; all you need to do is go to the Xbox Games Store and download the Valkyria Revolution Scenario Pack: The Princess and the Valkyria for free!

Be prepared for our full review of the game itself, which will be live in the coming days, and for even more free DLC to arrive next week.

DLC Description:

This bundle includes the additional Scenarios of Soloist of the Battlefield, Study of Flowers, and Hunger Pangs and Royal Pains.

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