prison tycoon under new management

Remember the old Prison Tycoon days, the time when we’d spend hours creating a safe haven to house all the crims? Well, Ziggurat Interactive have today confirmed Prison Tycoon: Under New Management, and it’ll be looking to get day release on PC and console this coming summer. 

Much of what we want to know is still being kept under lock and key, but at some point this summer Ziggurat Interactive will be looking to release the newly reimagined Prison Tycoon on to PC and console – and we’d hazard a guess that console means Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and PS5 at a very minimum. 

It is Under New Management which will allow us the chance to build, manage and grow our own unique prison, focusing on the challenges of rehabilitating and reintegrating inmates back into society, in the healthiest, most satisfactory way possible. With development ongoing by those at Abylight Studios, Prison Tycoon: Under New Management will let you run your prison how you see fit. 

The most successful of these will come with security checkpoints, guard towers, prison cells, and inmate services, with wardens in place to maintain a balance of services and security as they strive to run an efficient facility while keeping inmates on the path to reintegration. There will obviously be opportunities to grow the prison too, improve it, fund it, manage it and ensure proper care of all found inside. 

“We are thrilled to be working with Abylight Studios on a transcendent reimagining of the Prison Tycoon franchise,” said  Wade Rosen, President of Ziggurat Interactive. “Under New Management is our opportunity to reboot the franchise with a modern mindset and positive outlook.”

As soon as further information drops, we’ll bring it to you. For now though let us know if you remember the old Prison Tyccon from back in the day. The comments are below and we’re on all the usual social channels. 

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