Rainbow Six Siege has already made a mark this year with several DLC costume packs for the various characters arriving in recent months. Today is no different, with even more content available to choose from as the Rainbow Six Siege: Pro League content hits the Xbox One, PS4 and PC game stores.

There are four new content packs for those who want to bring the feel of the e-Sports Pro League to their characters, with costumes for Blitz, Pulse, Frost and Montagne. Each content pack comes in at a rather pricey £6.39 each, but those looking to kit out their favourite characters in the most stylish way possible will surely be happy with each of the Gold sets available. Each pack comes with a Gold Chibi charm of the character as well a Gold weapon skin for the character’s signature weapon and item.

On top of the skins and charms, the most notable inclusion for each content pack is the new outfits. Blitz receives the Torero uniform, Pulse gets the Picador uniform, Frost’s pack comes with the Rejoneador uniform and Montagne gets kitted out with the Banderillero uniform. Each uniform comes with matching headgear and whilst none of the costume content provides any gain in combat, those wanting to bring some extra style to each terrorist showdown will certainly have the best in Rainbow Six cosmetics.

For those baulking at the thought of spending £6.39 on each but still want to get in on the action, all four Pro League Gold sets can be bought bundled together for £12.79 and is available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Haven’t jumped into the Rainbow Six Siege experience yet? Check out our review for reasons to dive into the tactical shooter.

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