We’ve seen Porsche DLC numerous times over the years, but there’s just something about those sleek bodies and sexy curves that we can’t seem to ignore. Today Porsche is back and this time they are ready to tear up the track in Project CARS 2.

That’s right, if you’re a fan of Porsche, or simply just like to see fantastic machines race around the track at incredible speeds, then this is a DLC pack that you’ll want to get involved in. The Porsche Legends Pack DLC brings with it 9 impressive cars from the storied history of Porsche, as well as the FIA-certified Porsche on-road circuit in Leipzig for the first in a simulation racing game.

Making the line-up is the following collection of Porsche Legends:

  • Porsche 911
  • Porsche 911 Carrera RSR 2.8
  • Porsche Can-Am 917/10
  • Porsche “Le Mans” 917K
  • Porsche 908/03 Spyder
  • Porsche 935/78
  • Porsche 78-81
  • Porsche 2017 911 RSR
  • Porsche 959 S
  • Porsche Carrera GT

It’s hard to deny such a wonderous line-up of the most fabulous and iconic cars in the history of Porsche and if you want to put pedal to the metal in any of those mouth-watering cars listed above, then you should head on down to the Microsoft Store (or the PC/PlayStation equivalent) and grab yourself the Porsche Legends Pack DLC which is available right now for the price of £7.99.

Alternatively, if you own the Project CARS 2 Season Pass then you will find the DLC available to download now at no extra cost at all. The Season Pass is available to buy for £24.99 on all applicable platforms.

So, there we have it, Porsche are back once more and with an incredible line-up to choose from, will you be heading back onto the track in Project CARS 2? Let us know in the comments below or via our usual social channels.

DLC Description:

Race nine legends from the storied history of Porsche on the legendary FIA-certified Porsche on-road circuit in Leipzig―a first in racing simulation games―and experience for yourself why “there is no substitute”. Seventy years of heritage comes with seven Porsche race cars and two full-blooded street heroes. Battle the defining 911, the 911 Carrera RSR 2.8, tame the 1,200BHP Can-Am 917/10, live the thrill of history with the “Le Mans” 917K, 908/03 Spyder, 935/78 and 78-81, and win with the current GTE-class runner, 2017’s Porsche 911 RSR. Then unleash Porsche’s DNA with the Porsche 959 S, and the Carrera GT. Heritage, performance, technology―own it all with the Porsche Legends Pack.

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