It’s been sitting in the background for a little while, with the whizz kids at Microsoft HQ working on Project xCloud with a hope to ensure the gaming landscape is set to change forever. Now though it’s time for the whole project to go public, with the initial Public Preview for Project xCloud now being detailed, and the sign up process kicking off.

The future of gaming is in the stream and that is where Project xCloud comes in, as Microsoft aim to go head-to-head with Google Stadia so that Xbox gamers can play wherever, whenever, and however, they want, utilising mobile devices for Xbox gaming.

The Project xCloud Public Preview is coming in October to gamers across the United States, the UK and in Korea, initially available to a limited number of gamers who have access to an Android device. As you would expect from any public preview, it’ll run with a phased approach and whilst demand is expected to outweigh supply, by signing up and getting involved, you too could be in with a chance of seeing how the future of gaming works.

So what do you need to do? Well, MajorNelson has all the details on his blog with a rather nifty FAQ providing answers to all the details you will need. Basically put though, should you be in the US or UK then you can sign up right now on this link, whilst those in Korea can register here.

From there on out, should you be chosen you’ll find access to Halo 5: Guardians, Gears 5, Killer Instinct and Sea of Thieves available in the preview, and you’ll just need to have access to a phone or tablet running Android 6.0 or higher with Bluetooth 4.0; a Microsoft account; and a Bluetooth-enabled Xbox One Wireless Controller. it would also be helpful if you have a phone mount for your controller, with Project xCloud running on Wi-Fi and mobile networks in your area.

Should you get in, the content will come via an all-new Microsoft Game Streaming app, available in the coming weeks for Android devices. It’ll be available for all to download, but you’ll only be able to sign in once you’ve received an official invite into the preview.

So, on to the FAQ – and thanks go out to MajorNelson for all the info.

Project xCloud Preview FAQ

Q. How do gamers sign up for the Project xCloud trial?

A: Those in the United States and the United Kingdom who want to participate in the Project xCloud preview can sign-up here and if you’re in Korea, you can register here. You’ll complete an online registration form, which requests details such as your postal code, the make and model of your mobile device and your mobile network carrier. We’ll begin to send invites as we approach the October start date.

Q: If I register, when can I expect to be accepted into the Project xCloud preview?

A: During the preview, we will roll out invites to a limited number of participants and slowly increase the number of invitees over time. We ask for your patience while we expand availability.

Q: Will everyone make it into the preview?

A: We anticipate that demand will exceed our capacity during the preview period and that we will be unable to accommodate all applicants. However, it is our intention to accommodate as many eligible players as possible and we’ll continue to invite more gamers into the preview over time.

Q: Do I need to buy or own games for the Project xCloud Preview?

A: No. For the Project xCloud Preview, you do not need to buy or own any content. You will stream it directly from the cloud, which includes access to the list of games available during the preview period.

Q: Will you continue to add games throughout the preview?

A: Yes, we’ll add more content to the preview over time as we continue to analyze a wide range of player preferences, habits and scenarios.

Q: How long will the preview last?

A: The preview will continue until customers are consistently reporting a great, fun experience and the technology meets our internal quality standards. As is typical of our preview programs, we plan to begin with focused groups in the early stages for stability purposes and then to expand over time.

Q: Can I only participate in the Project xCloud preview if I have a contract with one of your partner carriers?

A: Gamers in the US and UK are eligible to participate in the Project xCloud preview regardless of carrier. In Korea, we’ll start the preview with a small number of SK Telecom customers and invite gamers from all carriers as we grow the preview.

Will you be signing up to give Project xCloud a shot? Let us know!

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2 years ago

I don’t use Android, so I’m out at the moment. Still looking forward to how xCloud turns out.