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Oxymoronic? Perhaps, but this new DLC for Hunting Simulator 2 promises some much need story content. In A Ranger’s Life, the tables have turned; you now get to help the animals as you play as a park ranger in Colorado.

After spending many hours tracking and hunting various animals in the main game, it is now time to nurture and care for them. Once again you have your canine companion at your side so the tracking side of Hunting Simulator 2 is still here, but the end result is very different.

A quick glimpse of what you can expect is at the end of this trailer. And then it is repeated after that if you miss it.

In this new story DLC, you must complete missions to preserve the animals and their surroundings, very much living A Ranger’s Life. Expect these missions to involve rescuing animals, preserving the environment through controlling invasive species and collecting samples, and much more. Our initial review of the Xbox Series X|S version specifically said a lack of story mode was disappointing, so hopefully this DLC will help turn things around.

A Ranger’s Life DLC for Hunting Simulator 2 on Xbox is available to download now priced at £12.49, and as this is a NACON game, you will need to pay for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S versions individually – there is no smart delivery nonsense here, just pay up the cash. This new perspective for Hunting Simulator should really bring the game a new lease of life and we’re pretty excited by this – so much so that we’ll probably have some thoughts as to how it plays out soon. Let us know in the comments if you are too!

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There is also Hunting Simulator 2: Elite Edition for both Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S too. This is priced at a rather hefty £66.99 but delivers the base game, the Bear Hunter pack, the Beretta Weapon Pack, the Berretta Model 486 and this new A Ranger’s Life DLC. 

You’ll also find the new content on PS4, PS5, PC and Nintendo Switch.

DLC Description:

Protect and Preserve: this is the Rangers’ motto. In this new scripted campaign, you accompany Dexter and his faithful Labrador Retriever Darius in his daily life as a forest ranger for a Colorado national park. As a true nature conservationist, you explore a vast area around your hut to find and treat animals, gather samples for analysis, control the proliferation of invasive species and preserve the health of your environment.


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