Dropping you right in the thick of it during a ferocious zombie apocalypse, you’re tasked with rebuilding society and fending off the undead masses via tactical turn-based combat. This is Dead Age.

The zombie outbreak has seen the banding together of a group of survivors, which you’ll control to gather vital food supplies, medical ailments and other materials, to ensure the camp is in good shape. Unfortunately, zombies and hostile gangs of survivors are an increasing risk to your safety, so you must strategically battle these threats by the way of turn-based combat, using weapons, skills and traps in order to triumph.

Dead Age has non-linear experience that deals with in-game consequences. Therefore, decisions you made during the troubling times can affect the story further down the line. One route to take is to be a hero and save more survivors, or you could just let them die to stock up on supplies and lighten your burden. Relationships can be built with other survivors, but there’s also the chance to create rivalries that could spell disaster. Each playthrough is different and if you live long enough, then you can witness one of the game’s six possible endings, but when you die, it’s a permanent death for you.

You can get a one-way ticket to zombie apocalypse by purchasing Dead Age on the Microsoft Store for £11.99, although it’s currently discounted on Xbox One and so for another week it’ll only cost £9.59 to own.

How will you manage to look after your people?

Game Description:

Survive the zombie apocalypse with turn-based combat and permanent death! Manage survivors, go on dangerous scavenging runs, build alliances, craft equipment, make difficult story-influencing decisions, defend your camp against undead hordes and experience non-linear rogue-lite elements. An innovative Indie Survival-RPG!

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