We know, we know, we’re surrounded by idiots. But enough of the real world and let’s get acquainted with the Nummels – they seriously need YOUR help. 

Available to purchase, download and play right now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S (£8.39), Nummels from Plattnip has quite obviously been inspired by the age-old classic affair of Lemmings. You see, the Nummels are just like your average everyday Lemming, happily wandering around their world as they see fit. And much like a Lemming, it’ll utilise whatever it happens upon – should it find a ladder, it’ll climb; and should it find a bomb…

The twist in Nummels is that you too are found in the playfield, desperate to get to safety, utilising the power of the Nummels to help you traverse the platforming scrapes you find yourself in. Your overall goal is to save those who rely on you – getting one to safety would be great, but get them all there and you’ll prove to be a master of all Nummels. Better still, nail the par times and you can crown yourself as saviour. 

Even though years and decades have passed since we got to spend time with those Lemmings, there’s a little itch that sees us want to do the same with the delightful, yet totally idiotic, Nummels. We’ll do so and drop a review of how this puzzling platformer plays on Xbox soon – it’s Xbox Series X|S optimised so hopes are very high. 

Should you wish to embark on an adventure yourself, head over to the Xbox Store and splash the £8.39 required for a download. You’ll find the Nummels causing havoc on PC through Steam come June 21st too.

Let us know how you get on in the world of fools – the virtual one, that is. 

Game Description:

Nummels is a platformer where you are the smartest one in a land filled with idiots. It’s up to you to help these guys make it to the exit in one piece. The Nummels are very dumb, but also very predictable. If you put a ladder in front of them, they’ll climb it. If you leave a bomb in their path, they’ll pick it up and end up hurting themself (and anyone nearby). In each level, a handful of Nummels will spawn in. You only need to get one of them to the exit in order to pass the level, but you’ll earn more coins by saving all of them, and even more for doing it under the par time. There are also a few bonus coins if you can figure out each level’s challenge. Use the coins to unlock hats, glasses, masks, bunny ears, headphones, and other accessories for your character. Each level also has a leaderboard, if you’re into that kind of thing. All Nummels will die one day, but who says it has to be right now? Come on over and help them out!

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