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Psychological thriller Twin Mirror announced by Bandai Namco for Xbox One, PS4 and PC


Not wanting to slow down after their recent release of action-RPG Vampyr, developers DONTNOD Entertainment are teaming up with Bandai Namco for a narrative thriller, Twin Mirror. It looks sure to be one that’ll mess with your head.

As a player-driven experience, Twin Mirror chronicles the journey of Sam, a 33 year old investigative journalist who’s struggling through hard times. Not only has he just suffered a callous breakup that’s tough to get over, but now he’s returning home to the film noir styled Basswood, West Virginia in order to bury an old pal. Staying in a motel room, he wakes up in the morning with blood all over a shirt of his and has absolutely no memory of what occurred or his whereabouts the night before. Using all of those journalistic skills he possesses, Sam must uncover the truth and you are even required to dive right into his painful memories, making difficult and impactful choices along the way.

“Twin Mirror is a game heavily rooted in the concept of duality, redemption and self-acceptance and is on track to deliver a stunning emotional journey” said Oskar Guilbert, DONTNOD’s CEO. “While we were scripting the player’s investigations within the game, we suddenly found ourselves researching just how far the limits of the Narrative Adventure genre could be pushed in the real world. When the dust settled, all evidence pointed towards Twin Mirror being a stunning emotional journey. Now, we can’t wait to see how the players react when all the pieces of their investigation fall into place within the game.”

Those who wish to experience the flexible narrative of Sam’s tormented life in Twin Mirror will have to wait until 2019, when it’s expected to release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Are you interested in DONTNOD’s psychological thriller? Have a watch of the trailer below, before getting in touch via the comments section!


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