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If you’re a PC player then you would have already had the chance to enjoy the latest PUBG features found in Season 11. Now though it’s time for the PUBG console crew to get in on the action with the new season bringing forth a new map, new ways to play, and more. 

Available from today for PUBG players on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and PS5 to enjoy, following on from launch on PC back in March, Season 11 sees a new Ranked Season kick into play. Running for a two-month period that no longer sits in line with the Survivor Passes, if you’re after rewards, this is the best way to get involved. And nicely the PUBG team have decided to mix up the weapon spawn rate whilst they are making changes, aligning it more with the Esports mode. 

Further to that though comes a new transport tool that will let you move around the map quicker. This comes through an Emergency Pickup item letting you deploy a high-altitude Fulton Balloon. By inflating this you’ll discover a plane arriving to pick up Survivors with up to four lifted at once and hoisted towards the centre of the White Zone. if you’re struggling to outrun the Blue Zone, this could well be a life-saver and should be found on Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi. 

Throw in new Mastery Medals and changes to the PUBG ID and Season 11 changes are substantial. 

But that’s not all and there’s a new map too. Yep, Paramo returns with new terrain improvements to the 3×3 map which was first rolled out back with Season 9. This time there are new ways to play, and new things to get involved with – it’s not all just about shooting the hell out of anything and everything that moves, you know. 

If you wish to see all the finer details of what is being pushed out through Season 11 then we highly advise you to check out the latest PUBG patch notes. You never know, if may be able to bring you the marginal gains you need to grab that Chicken Dinner. 

Let us know how you go with Season 11 of PUBG. The comments are below and if you haven’t yet picked up PUBG, pay the Xbox Store a visit and nab an Xbox download. We’re in just for that Balloon!

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