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Season 5 of PUBG is now available on console and with that in place we see a couple of new DLC additions taking hold, namely the inclusion of the Season 5 Supply Pack, and the Badlands Pack that accompanies it.

Following on from the stunning Season 4 additions that hit PUBG, Season 5 ushers in a few new options, with improvements coming to the map known as Miramar, updated loot drops, new map objects, a tighter terrain, and a static scope on the map-themed Win94 repeater rifle. Further to that we see the addition of vending machines allowing us to grab those all-important Energy Drinks, and a variety of other improvements too.

Today though is all about the new content drops that Season 5 brings and as the new season kicks off we find the latest Supply Pack in place – and Season 5 is all about fighting your way out. Priced up at £8.39, the Season 5 Supply Pack contains no less than 1,600 G-Coins, a black Brimless Cap, a similarly coloured Leather Jumpsuit, and some rather nifty Work Boots for traipsing across miles of war-ridden maps.

And whilst this Supply Pack sorts out those gamers looking to blend in with the background, the same cannot be said for the fun that the Badlands Pack brings in.

pubg badlands pack

You see, the Badlands pack in PUBG brings a ton more customisation chances, with gold the stand out colour. Included re the bright and colourful Miramar Beach Shirt, the Badlands Gold Trim Boots, some glorious Marksman Aviators, and a pair of rather lovely, rather clean Weather Slacks in white. But this isn’t a pack that just brings the cosmetics and also included is the Badlands Survivor Pass that will instantly see you increasing 5 Levels in rank. As you would expect, this all comes at a price though – £12.49 in fact.

Should you be a big fan of what PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds provides to the console scene and feel that PUBG is still the king of Battle Royale despite all the fanfare surrounding Fortnite, then heading over to your usual digital store and gaining access to everything that Season 5 brings should be an easy call.

We’ll certainly be looking to kit ourselves out in that Miramar Beach Shirt for sure; will you join us? Let us know your thoughts and comments surrounding the arrival of PUBG Season 5 by dropping into the comments below.

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