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With PUBG Season 8 a mere distant memory now, the ninth season is about to raise the temperature by introducing a brand new map to kick-start proceedings. The heat is on as Season 9 whisks us off to the mysterious land of Paramo and brings in a fresh Survivor Pass.

Having already begun on PC, the latest update for PUBG has arrived on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Google Stadia. The biggest new addition for Season 9 is the treacherous new Paramo 3×3 map that’s capable of hosting matches for up to 64 players. Hidden among the clouds in the highlands of South America, Paramo is an ancient land holding ancient secrets within. Paramo’s dangers are plentiful, but none quite as dangerous as the lava-spewing active volcano nearby. Survivors dropping onto this battlefield will only be able to reach the highlands via a helicopter! 

Here’s a breakdown of what makes the Paramo map stand out from the rest:

  • Dynamic Environment: Paramo includes a dynamic world system that changes major landmarks between matches, making every trip a unique experience where survivors must adapt their tactics. Several streams of molten lava will also flow across the map from a nearby volcano, giving survivors a unique obstacle as they traverse the battleground. Stepping or riding a vehicle through the lava can lead to a quick death.
  • Map Hazards: Paramo is rife with danger and survivors who find themselves outside of the Blue Zone will receive more damage when compared to other maps. Survivors can also find themselves outside the play zone, which can lead to instant death if they stay for too long. To combat these dangers, a new item called the Critical Response Kit can revive a downed squad member in one second.
  • Support Helicopters: Due to its remote location and high elevation, survivors will drop into Paramo from helicopters. During the match, these helicopters will carry precious cargo across the map, with the plan of dropping it just outside the play area. Crack shot survivors can shoot enough rounds into the helicopter and force it to release its lootable cargo early.

As always, the start of a new season also means fresh beginnings for those taking part in the Ranked Mode offerings. Additionally, there’s another Survivor Pass and it’s titled Highlands, bringing new rewards for everyone and extra stuff for the players who grab the Premium Pass. Those brave enough to partake in the pass will be able to earn Paramo-themed rewards and skins by completing missions.

In tandem with the update, there are four new DLC packs to peruse, including the PUBG Highlands Pack which gives access to the special Survivor Pass, boosts you by five levels on it and rewards a skin set for £12.49. Alternatively, the PUBG Gear Up Pack at £8.39 is an option to acquire some G-Coins and the five level boost. There are two other packs available for free to Xbox Game Pass subscribers (£16.74 for everyone else): the PUBG October Horror Pack and the PUBG Flower Child Pack.

Fire up PUBG today, download the latest update and let us know how you get on with the Paramo map!

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