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Put the pedal to the metal – Zombie Derby: Pixel Survival is on Xbox


Addictive gameplay. 120 FPS support. Optimised for Xbox Series X|S. Easy Achievements. Yeah, we know you’re sold on Zombie Derby: Pixel Survival. 

Rolling onto Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S right now is Zombie Derby: Pixel Survival from Brinemedia; the latest instalment in the Zombie Derby series of games. 

This one comes to Xbox with pretty much everything you could wish for – a low £4.19 asking price, full new-gen console optimisation, easy-to-grab achievements and the like. And yeah, we won’t judge if you’re just here for that cheevo grabbing. 

Super colourful and full of fun, Zombie Derby: Pixel Survival has you jumping into the seat of numerous vehicles as you look to smash through the zombie hordes, taking down the undead in the fastest way possible. A game that plays on the ‘arcade’ experience, if you’re up for some mindless battering, this is probably going to be the game for you. 

We’re working on a full review of Zombie Derby: Pixel Survival as we speak and will deliver our verdict as soon as we can. Don’t expect a Game of the Year contender in what we have here, but as a game that is capable of clearing a few evenings? We reckon it’s on. 

Let us know if you decide to pick up Zombie Derby: Pixel Survival from the Xbox Store. The comments are below and, as always, we’re kicking around on the social channels.

Game Description:

Get into the driver’s seat and put the pedal to the metal! The next part in the legendary Zombie Derby series is already here! Smash your way through hordes of zombies and countless obstacles in a rip-roaring racing arcade. Experience the zombie apocalypse like you’ve never seen it before. Eradicating zombies has never been so colorful, exciting, and engaging before. Don’t let any zombies snack on your brain!

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8 months ago

Thanks for this review! 🙂

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