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There are multiple chess titles on the market, but perhaps none of them are as mind-bending as that of Chess Brain: Dark Troops. Nor as cheap.

The latest cheap and cheerful offering to the Xbox market from the QUByte Interactive team, Chess Brain: Dark Troops will set you back a mere £3.29 in asking price, giving you the chance to hone your chess skills like never before. 

See, Chess Brain: Dark Troops does away with the usual chess board, instead placing you in control of the King, left to traverse the multitude of stages that lay in wait. Move from a starting point to an end, moving around other chess pieces which are out to get you, and the job is a good ‘un – you’ve proved yourself as a chess brain. 

It’s a super simple test, but one that is likely to ramp up in difficulty as you begin to move your way through the thirty or so puzzles that await, no more so than when you come up against the Red Soldier. 

Likely to last you the best part of an evening or so, if you’re looking for a full-on chess experience then you’re going to be pretty disappointed in what Chess Brain: Dark Troops can offer – and we’d advise you to head to Pure Chess Grandmaster Edition or Chess Ultra for that gaming experience – but on the flipside, those who are new to the game, looking to understand more about what makes the greatest of chess minds tick, could well be in luck with this one. 

Keep an eye out for our full review of Chess Brain: Dark Troops on Xbox in the days ahead. Pick up a copy of the game for yourself from the Xbox Store. You can play it on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S. Or both if you like. 

Game Description:

Chess Brain: Dark Troops is a sequel of a simple chess puzzle game where you control the King who needs to get to a specific point, while avoiding opposing pieces that move every second to difficult your path. Some paths may be simple, but others will make you think about every second ahead drawing the correct path to not let the King get killed by the opposite pieces and the Red Soldier, that has a brain. The game has more than 30 puzzles and remember, only the correct way will take you to the destination point.

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