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Few games can boast at being a hack ‘n slash game as well as a puzzle game – or indeed, vice-versa – but Red Ronin on Xbox can do. And now you can give this strange amalgamation of genres a try as it launches on Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

Red has been betrayed. Severely betrayed. She has set out on a one-woman revenge mission to kill everyone who wronged her. Wielding her katana, you could be thinking this is Kill Bill: The Game. But, did The Bride have a robot companion called ISAAC helping her out? I can’t recall there being one, so Red Ronin has the upper hand here.

Red Ronin does however look to be a mix of Hotline Miami’s top down frantic action, mixed with Katana Zero’s melee-based combat. What that does mean that this game doesn’t skimp on blood and guts, even for a pixel-art game. Red Ronin allows you to plan your attacks out unlike the others, by focussing to a turn-based combat mechanic. See your movement plotted out before you make each action but just hope the enemies don’t kill you when it comes to their turn.

Throughout your quest for revenge Red’s tale will unfold: who wronged her and why will all be explained. Whether it explains where ISAAC came from though, we cannot say for certain.

Red Ronin is available to download now on Xbox priced at £6.69. If turn-based gratuitous violence is your thing, here is the perfect game for you. Everyone else, stay tuned for a review!

Game description

WHAT IS RED RONIN? One by one, turn by turn, kill all of them! Red is a Tactical Turn-based but fast paced dash ‘n slash game where a bloodthirsty ronin and her companion bot searches for revenge. STORY After being betrayed by her former team, Red embarks with her companion bot ISAAC in a non stop revenge journey to eliminate everyone who left her behind. A turn-based puzzle game turned into a stylish hack ‘n’ slash game (or vice versa).

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