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Gabriel is – according to developer Rafael Valim Fernandes – an ordinary child who loves to play video games whilst tucking into a bowl of his favourite Big Boss Cereal. Now, Gabriel also appears to be an anthropomorphic blue cube, however we won’t worry about that. 

Releasing on Xbox, following a PC (Steam) launch in 2021, Gabriel’s Worlds The Adventure sees Gabriel going about his merry business, with a loving mother and an equivalent love for cereal, before his quaint town is rocked by reports of child disappearances. Are they being abducted? Perhaps recruited to evil cults? Gabriel takes it upon himself to find out, save his friends, and then get home for some wheaty joy. 

Gabriel’s Worlds The Adventure will have you precision platforming across this bright and cheery world (but remember, kids are going missing!), solving puzzles and picking up collectibles. Equipped with a double jump and a run, that’s all you’ll need to pick up cereal bowls (acting as coins), and also to dispose of the big bad bosses that plague this once peaceful town. You’ll find yourself dashing across levels, dodging enemies as they slam down on you, and much more.

Further features coming to the game, as evidenced by its Steam page, include:

  • Stages (stages) with a small degree of difficulty.
  • Reasonable bosses.
  • Collectible Big Boss Cereal Boxes (Common, Rare, Platinum).
  • Cereal bowls replacing common coins.
  • Okay, there’s also currency, there’s a phase that there is and others don’.
  • Very easy puzzles.
  • A nice story, with a nice ending.
  • A precision platform game.
  • Double Jump and Run.
  • Beautiful songs huh.

If you seem suited to help Gabriel out – after all, he’s going to need some help! – then make sure to download Gabriel’s Worlds The Adventure on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC today. For Xbox, look no further than the Xbox Store for a mere £4.59.

Game Description:

Gabriel is a child like any other, he plays, studies, plays video games and loves his Big Boss Cereal. Raised by his beloved mother, the two live in a small, quiet and peaceful town. But everything changes with a report, children are disappearing around the world and strange creatures are taking over cities. What is going on?, Abduction?, Evil Sects?. Embark on this adventure and discover what will be happening to all the children. An adventure of pure precision, story, Puzzles, Collectibles and pure cuteness. Will our hero be able to finish this journey?

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