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I am always saying video games should have more originality. Sometimes, it can feel like my hopes for audacious new titles go unfulfilled. Other times, developers like Size Five Games will create a game like Lair of the Clockwork God on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

This spunky indie game is simultaneously an old-school, point and click adventure game, and a fast-paced, action platformer. That is the kind of unique spin on game genres that I can get behind.

As you bounce between these two different genres, you will also be bouncing between the two main characters: Ben and Dan. Ben is a die-hard fan of the classic point and click adventure games that his gameplay sections seek to emulate, while Dan has big dreams of becoming the next indie, platforming superstar. They will have to put their differences aside and work together in order to stop not one, but several different Apocalypses from happening at the same time.

As Ben, it will be your job to grab literally any item you can get your hands on in case it might solve a puzzle. Dan, on the other hand, will be zipping through levels, dodging traps, wall jumping, changing the flow of gravity, and grabbing the occasional gun to blast enemies to bits. This unique change of game genres could offer a great sense of flow that keeps one character’s gameplay segments from getting too stale.

The character descriptions for Ben and Dan alone should give you an idea for the self-aware humor that the game is aiming for. Again, like the point and click games of the ’90s, Lair of the Clockwork God is hoping to provide a unique gameplay experience while delivering plenty of laughs as well.

Features include:

  • Play TWO games, but at ONCE in this platforming meets point and click adventure.
  • Play as TWO unique characters, each with individual abilities which benefit each other.
  • Stop MORE THAN TWO apocalyptic events occurring at the same time.
  • Experience satirical humour like NEVER BEFORE!
  • Collect items and show them off to EVERYONE (in-game)
  • Includes a FREE GAME, the exciting Visual Novel prequel “DEVIL’S KISS”!

Feel like playing two different games wrapped up in one? Then head to the Xbox Store where you can grab the game for £16.74 – although if you’re quick, you may get it for 15% off at £14.22. If you have any questions or just want to share your excitement with us, write to us in the comments below, and make sure you keep an eye out for our review of Lair of the Clockwork God on Xbox One soon.

Game Description:

WHY PLAY ONLY ONE GENRE OF GAME when you could be playing two slightly different ones at the same time? BEN is a die-hard, old-school Adventure game fan. He has one foot stuck in the 90s, and he’s happiest collecting any old junk he can lay his hands on, in hope of combining it all together to solve a satisfying puzzle. His cohort and sidekick DAN …has aspirations to be the next big indie platforming character. He’s got everything he needs: he’s hip, sensitive, and his nose is a different colour to the rest of his face. LAIR OF THE CLOCKWORK GOD sees you switching between Ben and Dan and using their unique abilities together in an effort to stop all the Apocalypses happening simultaneously, by teaching an old computer about feelings. Solve classic point-and-click puzzles as Ben to create unique upgrade items for Dan, so he can jump higher, run faster and blast everything away with a shiny new gun. Then, run and jump as Dan to unlock new areas and exciting puzzles for Ben!

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