You may not want to believe it, but we’re already in the middle of November, the Holiday season is fast approaching and the year will soon be out. Before that though we’ve got plenty of gaming opportunities to get involved in – one of which is spending some time with Race The Sun now that it is free on Xbox One thanks to the Xbox Games With Gold scheme.

Stripped of its price tag for the next 4 weeks, Race The Sun is a rather delightful little indie runner; one in which you take control of a solar-powered ship and attempt to race towards the sunset as fast as you can. Your task? Well, race the sun of course, because once that sets, it’ll be game over until you are tempted back to try and beat your PBs.

With a gloriously simple art style, some super smooth mechanics and the ask for you to bring your most in-tune reflexes to the table, Race The Sun is one of those addictive little games that just refuses to let go once it’s got you in it’s grips. A few challenges tempt you in even more, and with a huge focus on high score obtaining, this is one free title that will keep you busy for a decent while yet.

If you wish to know more about the game then you could do worse than check out our full review, whilst another one of our articles will easily sort you out with all the details you need to know about the free games being gifted via the Xbox Games With Gold scheme for November 2018.

Hit them both up whilst you wait for your download of Race The Sun on Xbox One to complete.

Game Description:

You are a solar-powered craft. The sun is your death timer. Hurtle towards the sunset at breakneck speed in a futile race against time. Delay the inevitable by catching speed boosts which reverse the setting sun – if only for a moment. Race The Sun is inspired by arcade games of the past with a focus on high scores, short game sessions, and pure fun mingled with nerve-wracking tension. The rules are simple: don’t crash, stay in the light, and don’t slow down!

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