If you decide to quit your main career in order to follow your dreams and make games, then you really do need to hit the ground running. That is exactly what the one-man developer at NerdRage Studios has done – and right now he’s hitting the big time with Jump Gunners.

Available right now on Xbox One, Jump Gunners is the first big commercial release from NerdRage Studios. A local multiplayer combat title that caters for up to 4 players, Jump Gunners will bring fast paced, utterly hilarious recoil jumping gameplay that is super easy to pick up and play… but pretty damn tough to ultimately master.

Coming with more than 20 weapons and 80 odd environments that are destructible, Jump Gunners will let you fight alone, or as you team up against the many foes within. Custom battles and single player challenges are in ready and waiting for you to get involved in – just watch out for the inducement of rage!

Priced at £9.99, you can grab Jump Gunners right now from the Xbox Store. If you’re tempted but not sure whether it’ll be for you or not, then hold tight for our review. It’s coming!

Game Description:

“Jump Gunners is the beautiful child of Towerfall and Worms” – Mike Bithell, Creator of Thomas was Alone / Volume / Subsurface Circular Jump Gunners is the definitive local multiplayer couch combat game for up to 4 players, matching fast paced hilarious recoil jumping gunplay, with core gameplay that is easy to learn but hard master. Become the champion among friends, as you fight alone, or team up together against your foes. With multiple game modes featuring over 20 weapons, 80+ destructible environments, custom battles and single player challenges… Jump Gunners has something for everyone. Jump Gunners is best played around the screen together with friends, but not so close to each other that you’ll catch an errant rage induced fist or thrown controller!

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