Raging Justice is out today – bringing side-scrolling beat ‘em ups kicking and screaming into the 21st Century. 

May is turning into a good month for classic beat ‘em ups; Streets of Rage has just been released for free for Xbox Live Gold Members, and the Sega Mega Drive Collection launches at the end of the month, containing more classic side-scrollers (including Streets of Rage again). But if all these have got you craving a more modern take, Raging Justice from MakinGames should be one to check out!

Published by the legendary Team17, Raging Justice features cops Nikki Rage and Rick Justice as they take to the streets to clobber the scum that roam the at night – all in order to rescue the mayor. But they can also play good cop by arresting their foes rather than knocking them senseless, and whilst this route grants more health, taking the bad cop line offers far more points.

The two cops aren’t the only playable characters though – there is a third. Enter Ashley King, a streetwise teenager who developed a fast and lethal fighting style after living in constant fear of gang violence.

While this is a new feature for side-scrollers, Raging Justice also retains what made them so good in the first place. There will be plenty of weapons to pick up for both you and your enemies, vehicles to utilise and most importantly, local multiplayer in place.

Raging Justice is available to download now price at a price of £9.99 (although a special launch discount sees that currently down at £8.99) and promises all the fun of beat ‘em ups with shiny new HD visuals and a unique art style. And not only is it available on Xbox One, but PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC gamers can also all get in on the action.

Will you be picking it up? Let us know in the comment below!

Game description:

Raging Justice is a classic beat ‘em up game of epic proportions, dragging the savage charm of the genre kicking and screaming into the 21st century! The city is in chaos! Crime and corruption is at an all-time high, with thugs wreaking havoc on every corner. It’s up to you to punch, kick and brawl your way through the deadly streets, to bring those punks to justice.


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