Embark on an all new sci-fi adventure with the latest shooter to arrive on Xbox One. Raiders of the Broken Planet is the latest 4v1 asymmetrical multiplayer game to bring an all new style of adventure to the Xbox One and the shooting genre.

Through its 4v1 counter-operative campaign, players will experience both sides of the epic story as either the Raiders, who are jumping into battle to save their legendary Broken Planet, or the invading hordes hoping to put an end to the legend once and for all and destroy the home of the heroes.

With an interesting band of Rogues and villains culminating in a huge battle of money, revenge and redemption, the freedom of the Broken Planet could not be any more in the balance – especially with the evil Space Demon sowing discord throughout the ranks for its own deadly and mischievous objective.

Raiders of the Broken Planet is available to download now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, and brings a completely free-to-play Prologue for those hoping to find out more of what the game is about. If you want to get further involved in the adventure, players can download the first campaign – Alien Myths – now for the price of £9.99, whilst all four campaigns expected to release can be bought together with a few new characters in the Founders Pack for £39.99!

Haven’t heard of Raiders of the Broken Planet? Why not check out our beta impressions to read our thoughts on the 4v1 shooter.

Are you looking to step into an all new shooting adventure to save the Broken Planet? Let us know in the comments below or via our usual social channels.

Game Description:

Download and play this FREE prologue to Raiders of the Broken Planet: Featuring 2 challenging missions that you can play 4 vs 1 or solo. Choose Harec or 4 other Raiders and help them rescue the legendary Lycus Dion from the claws of the Hades Division, or switch sides and play as an Antagonist. Harec, doesn’t have many choices when it comes to finding Raiders to battle against the human invaders. Normally he wouldn’t rescue the likes of Lycus Dion, but he needs warriors whose reputation alone can instil fear. The Hades Division has Lycus prisoner, so he needs to move fast to tip the scales in his favor! Raiders of the Broken Planet is a novel 4 vs 1 adventure where you experience both sides of the story: Team up with other Raiders, or change sides and foil their missions, fighting as an Antagonist with the enemy at your side. As a Raider, you will compete with your teammates for valuable rewards. As the Antagonist, you are judged by Uras-Beherit, a dark space demon! This Prologue is a free introduction to the World of Raiders. Premium stand alone campaigns (sold separately) expand the adventure. Raiders combines narrative missions with intense 4 vs 1 battles, making this shooter a one-of-a-kind experience. *Can also be played solo.

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