It’s going to be a busy few weeks for the team at MercurySteam as today the development studio have released not just the pricing structure, and not just the Gamescom trailer, but the full release date for Raiders of the Broken Planet.

Coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC on September 22nd 2017, the prologue for Raiders of the Broken Planet will be a completely free download. It will also set the scene for what is to come as it brings a wealth of content including two lengthy missions across four stages, multiple characters to play with and full “no holds” barred access to both the single player and online multiplayer game modes.

At the same time, the first Raiders of the Broken Planet campaign – Alien Myths – will launch at a staggeringly low price point – €9.99/$9.99/£9.99. Alien Myths contains hours of incredible additional content including new characters, new missions and an awesome stand-alone story that builds the world of Raiders of the Broken Planet even further.

Three more campaigns will then release at regular intervals with each of Wardog Fury, Hades Betrayal and Council’s Apocalypse telling a new parallel story, adding new characters and offering exceptional value. The parallel stories mean players can jump in at any time, not feel lost with what’s going on and importantly not have to play the campaigns in any set order. Each of those campaigns will be developed in conjunction with feedback from the community, turning Raiders of the Broken Planet into something those invested in the game really want

“We want to be a developer in constant dialogue with our audience and ethical in our dealings at all times,” said Enric Alvarez, Studio Head at Mercury Steam. “Games are expensive and sometimes disappoint after all the media hype. We think allowing players to jump in for free is fair and if they like what they see, paying a reasonable price for more content is a better way to win them over.”

About the game

In Raiders of the Broken Planet you pick your protagonist and work together with three other players in a counter-operative adventure. The biggest idea underpinning the game is something akin to Dark Souls, where a single player, The Antagonist, can invade a match just as it begins and choose to fight alongside the bad guys against the four-player human team. The goal of this Antagonist is simply to troll the good guys and prevent them from achieving their mission objectives.

To accompany the launch date and pricing news, there has been a new cinematic trailer released for the game, just in time for Gamescom, where it will be shown fully playable in multiplayer on Xbox One X in glorious 4K.

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