Do you know that Rainbow Six Siege is one of the best online tactical shooters in the gaming market? It offers a first and third-person perspective for the players based on their style preference. Each player controls an attacker or defender in different gameplay modes, like defusing a bomb and rescuing a hostage. 

Rainbow Six Siege gives you an overwhelming experience. Those who wish to excel in their Six Siege matches will find the best ways to synergize their operator abilities along with the remaining team.

You can find hacks to learn the game and attain success. Six Siege hack that’s undetected  allows you to get an edge in the game.  Following are the pro-tips for expert play in Rainbow Six Siege.

1. Listen to attacks 

You will be surprised to know that Siege has unique sound propagation that gives realistic sounds throughout the battlefield. The sounds in the game travel by bouncing off the objects and through open spaces. If you are in empty rooms, you can break windows to hear enemy footsteps easily. You also should avoid drones from jumping as they make a lot of noise and give enemies the chance to trace you.

2. Go for ‘Terrorist Hunt’

Terrorist Hunt is a tutorial that is useful for not only beginners but also veteran players. Stick to solo play for training, as it will give you time to explore and test new weapon loadouts. Do not forget to learn camera locations. Shooting out cameras as you move forward in the match can be a game-changer. Also, learn the tricks to play as fast as possible to aim at targets and cast headshots. 

3. Remember maps 

Do you know that maps are an integral part of Six Siege? Matches take place in multilevel maps with various destructible items. This implies that teams can take advantage of their environment to break through walls, attack enemies from unrealized locations, and fortify checkpoints. Some players can access specific sections of the map, while these can be inaccessible for other players. 

4. Avoid getting killed

Imagine getting killed in the initial round because of an enemy glancing into a spawn area. You can tackle the situation by keeping a drone during the preparation phase at common peek locations. You can call out to your teammates on spotting a defender at the beginning of the match. Try to shoot bullets in a couple into barricaded windows and doors to avoid an encounter with enemies. 

5. Save time 

Nothing worse can happen than facing an enemy and their loaded weapon while you are only halfway through reloading your weapon. However,  you can cancel a reload to save your life. If you are reloading and there is a need to fire, you can start sprinting to get the reload canceled. It will take less time than finishing reloading and switching to a secondary weapon. 

6. Cover is crucial 

You will be able to get the best defense from cover as it protects from attacks. Offending teams can flank enemies using cover. The strategy is useful as players defending from covers do not have protection at the back and sides, thus making them exposed to the weapons. Do not forget that you should not stay at the same place for long as enemies can also utilize the same trick if you are using cover. 

7. Drones are critical

Drones are an added advantage to the players while attacking. Offending teams should position their drones in hidden locations to view the path they wish to take. You can also use extra drones to distract enemies’ attention and attack them. You should position yourself opposite or far from the drone so that enemies cannot trace you.

8. Understand enemy patterns 

Teams should work strategically to understand the enemy’s patterns. There are chances that a team uses a similar strategy throughout the match to use as an advantage. Snipers are likely to use the same locations, and rushers will attack from the same position. It will help you analyse the pattern and anticipate the site from where enemies can attack.

9. Defend carefully

Do not get aggressive while defending objectives, as enemies can easily offend you. Instead, you and your team should secure the best angles to attack enemies that are rushing in. The teams should anticipate attackers that are coming to kill. You should keep track of potential covers, trap placements, and attack angles. 

10. Select the team

Ensure to select a reliable team in Siege. Three-man teams work in matches that are low-ranked, while high-ranked matches require synergized teams. You should start finding regular teams to learn to communicate effectively and quickly while playing with strangers. It means using call-outs frequently and resorting to voice commands. 


Rainbow Six Siege does not reward blind shooting or reckless play. Instead, it is the game that tests your patience and waits for the best shot. The above tips will help you play flawlessly to win over enemies.