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After a weekend in which it was free-to-play, chances are there is suddenly a whole ton of fresh Rainbow Six Siege blood to mop up. Could there be any better time in which to hit the masses with a new update!

Arriving on August 2nd 2016, Skull Rain will bring the most destructible environment to date with the new Favela map. Alongside it will come two new BOPE operators, Caveira and Capitão. The former is a interrogator who never holds back and utilises the Stealth Step – her clever stealth technique that allows her to sneak up on unsuspecting targets.

Capitão meanwhile comes armed with a tactical crossbow and happily fires out both asphyxiating bolts and micro grenades that allow for quick and unexpected attacks.

If you’re a regular Rainbow Six Siege player, then you’ll be able to find the map from Aug 2nd, whilst both Caveira and Capitão will be dropped to Season Pass owners. If you fancy getting hold of the two new operators but don’t own a Season Pass, then you’ll need to spend Renown or R6 credits from Aug 9th.


For those who haven’t yet checked out Rainbow Six Siege, hit up our review and then get a purchase in.

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