The pixel cat is coming back as Pastagames and Neko Entertainment announce that Pix the Cat is coming to Xbox One!

After arriving on PS4 and PC, Pix the Cat will soon be setting paws on Xbox One, bringing the most purr-fect arcade experience to the console. An addictive arcade title that brings the old school sensations and colourful, vivid worlds, Pix the Cat for Xbox One will come complete with no less than seven exclusive arenas for local multiplayer action.

It’ll be priced at £7.99/$9.99 and will be arriving in early 2017 so you’ve got just a little time in order to get ready for an intense arcade experience where your reflexes and your precision will be your only weapons to reach the leaderboard! You’ll need to save as many ducklings as possible by leading them to safe areas in a frantic race against the clock. The ducklings will follow you in a single line, and breaking your “tail” or touching an enemy will make you lose all your ducklings… And combo!

Pix the Cat comes with a full on Arcade Mode plus three other game modes as follows:

NOSTALGIA MODE – Become the hero of a classic black and white cartoon and use your environment to resolve stages in a couple or seconds, manage a huge duckling tail without crashing, control several Pix at once… And more!

LABORATORY MODE – Plan every move without a time limit and collect ALL the friendly cells before dropping them to win. 100 experiments await you but be careful, don’t freeze your brain!

ARENA MODE – Destroy your opponents in epic local showdowns with deadly rockets, mines and a mighty dash to become the “last cat standing”!

We will of course keep you fully up-to-date with all things Pix the Cat over the coming months!

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5 years ago

[…] the Cat (Source: The Xbox Hub) After its success on the PC and PS4, Pasta Games and Neko Entertainment have decided to bring […]