Fan of all things two wheeled? Enjoyed the latest MotoGP season? Wanna relive it all once more? The latest content for Valentino Rossi: The Game is here and gives you that chance.

Available as a £3.19 content add-on, the Real Events 2: 2016 MotoGP Season DLC brings even more exciting moments direct from the latest season. After the first DLC pack released just a couple of months ago, this follow up brings 9 new challenges and all the overtakes, sweeping bends and triumphs that have dominated the final races of the real world season.

If you’re looking for another reason to hop aboard your bike and power to victory in Valentino Rossi: The Game, then this pack should be right at the top of your list.

The Xbox Games Store has, as always, got the content ready to roll. Just give it a visit and download the latest challenges right now.

DLC Description:

This additional content will allow you to relive the most exciting events of the 2016 MotoGP™ season. These 9 challenges, one more thrilling than the other, will allow you to relive the overtaking, the bends and the triumphs which have been such a feature of the last 9 races of the championship. Get on the track, check the challenge objective, rev up and head for victory!

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