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Over the past few months, many players have been battling it out in their masses to reach the very peaks of Realm Royale’s Season Two Steel and Shadow Battle Pass. With unique rewards tied to each of the levels throughout, and the Legendary Sacred Wolf mount the reward for reaching the very end at level 80, there has been plenty to shout about for fans of Hi-Rez’s Battle Royale adventure.

Now though, Season Two has come to an end and it’s time to prepare for The New Frontier, as Season Three arrives with update OB17.

So, the first things to note about The New Frontier season in Realm Royale are the changes to the Battle Pass. Whilst the last season took on a Pirates and Ninjas theme, Season Three is all about the futuristic sci-fi approach, and as such the content found within will be all sci-fi based. As with last season the Battle Pass is purchased via Crowns with the price set at 900 Crowns for those that opt-in, something which will set you back a wallet friendly £7.99 and whilst you can of course go along happily with the free version, the paid Battle Pass is the only way to earn some of the season’s most unique rewards, including new Mounts, new Class skins, new Chickens and more.

This time around instead of 80 levels, players will only have to work their way through 50, meaning reaching the end of the Battle Pass won’t take quite as long, or as many double and triple XP weekends! To adjust to this Hi-Rez Studios have made a number of changes to help players earn rewards fairly with the most notable being Daily Reward Bonuses which bring new rewards every day of every week, refreshing once you reach 7-days logged-in. They are as follows;

  • First Day: 100 Battle Pass XP
  • Second Day: 125 Battle Pass XP
  • Third Day: 150 Battle Pass XP
  • Fourth Day: 175 Battle Pass XP
  • Fifth Day: 200 Battle Pass XP
  • Sixth Day: 20 Crowns
  • Seventh Day: 30 Crowns

It’s also worth noting that to claim your rewards players will find a new claim button on the Shop menu, and claims don’t need to be taken on consecutive days to gain a reward.

On top of that, those who prefer to skip ahead on certain levels of the Battle Pass can do so now with better pricing meaning players are now able to purchase simply enough XP to finish their current level rather than a set amount of XP that may put you further ahead than you wanted to be – although you’ll be missing out on a ton of the fun should you wish to jump ahead.

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The Battle Pass does also come included with the new Battle Bundle which includes the Battle Pass and 20 Battle Pass Levels should you want to jump the queue though, but it will set you back 2300 Crowns.

The next notable addition comes in the form of the new Heavy Weapon that has seen players voting on a name in recent weeks – it turns out The Gatekeeper is what fans have come up with. Right now, The Gatekeeper can be found in Gold supply drops that occur during the each match and this trusty new weapon will prove to be a nemesis out in battle with a 500 round magazine and the highest DPS in the game by a huge margin, ensuring it’s a game changer for any squad lucky enough to find it – but be warned, with a big punch comes a big reload delay. Throw in a five second reload time and one second spin up time is certainly going to be enough to catch any unprepared users off guard if you don’t go in to a fight with a battle plan.

Whilst a new weapon is always exciting and The New Frontier Battle Pass content will keep players active for some time, they aren’t the only new additions to Realm Royale and the following list also showcases all of the notable gameplay changes you can expect to find next to you jump in.

Gameplay Changes


  • Assault Rifle – Damage increased by 10%
  • Burst Rifle – Clip size increased from 21 to 30, Damage increased by 15%
  • Bolt Staff – Clip size increased from 15 to 25, Damage increased by 15%
  • Pistol – Added damage at falloff at range
  • Throwing Axe – Damage reduced by 8%
  • Sniper Rifle – Equip time reduced from 1s to 0.6s


  • Proximity Trap – Reduced cooldown from 36/32/28/24s to 26/22/18/14s
  • Sensor Drone – Reduced cooldown from 36/32/28/24 to 26/22/18/14s


Warrior –

  • Into the Fray – Increased movement speed from 25% to 35%
  • Edgemaster – Movement speed reduced from 25% to 10%

Hunter –

  • Survivalist – Shield duration increased from 2s to 4s

Assassin –

  • Toxicology – damage amplification reduced from 30% to 25%
  • Ephemeral Protection – Shield duration increased from 2s to 4s


  • Chicken Health Rune – Chicken health increased from 400 to 600


  • Significantly increased the chance for Potions to drop out of normal chests

Quality of Life Improvements


  • Map Marker Skins – Map Markers are now able to be customised with different Skins, Equipping skins through the Armory will allow players to change the visuals on their map marker.


  • Chicken Hit Reactions – Players who have been chickened will now have animated reactions when hit by other players
  • Mount Rotation Update – Mounts now comform to the terrain
  • New Potion Animations – Players will now have drinking animations whilst using Potions


  • Armory Redesign – You can now see a vertical list of all the different items you have equipped at a time.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where the Shredder reload animation was not showing a full clip being loaded into the weapon
  • Fixed an issue where Audio would not always play properly for Sprays and Emotes
  • Fixed an issue where the Skydive SFX wouldn’t always start playing when the player leaves through the Zeppelin
  • Addressed a number of volume and sound issues for abilities and other game elements
  • Fixed an issue where the Nightshade Mage skin was not playing voice lines


  • Addressed several issues with floating vegetation around the map
  • Fixed an issue in Old Manor where the Wall was not making contact with the ground
  • Fixed an issue where players can mount near some forges
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent players from riding up a set of stairs in Trinity Hills
  • Fixed an issue where players could forge from a level below the forge in Northport and Trinity Hills


  • Fixed an issue where the animation for drawing the Longbow didn’t match the new draw time
  • Fixed an issue where splash weapons would not deal damage to the firing player at the same rate
  • Fixed an issue where the Edgemaster damage bonus could be applied more than once on a single player
  • Fixed an issue where Talents that affect health weren’t always being enable when being resurrected


  • ‘Redeem Code’ button added back to the Shop area
  • Fixed an issue where Rune descriptions would not display properly in the player’s inventory
  • Fixed an issue where reloading the Shredder could result in the ammo being displayed incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where the Sniper Scope would appear off-centre in certain aspect ratios
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t scroll through the Shop
  • Fixed an issue where linked accounts ranks, and statistics defaulted to the Steam value. Stats will no be cumulative and will show the addition of your wins from all linked platforms

So, there we have it, everything you can expect to find in update OB17 in Realm Royale. Will you be jumping into the Battle Royale adventure? Let us know in the comments below or via our usual social channels.

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