If you love playing your favorite games on your phone, you’ll probably be interested in finding out how using a VPN can improve your gaming experience. If you enjoy some immersive MMORPG action with your friends or you love losing yourself in an adventure, you’ll want to know how to make your gaming experience not only smoother but safer as well. 

If any of the games you regularly play includes having the internet connection, using a gaming VPN to maintain and manage your security and privacy should be your top priority. On top of all that, a premium gaming VPN significantly contributes to improving your gaming experience.

The most important thing to know when choosing a gaming VPN is to go with the one that won’t interfere with gameplay. Here are a couple of good reasons why you should consider using a VPN for gaming.

5 Benefits of Using a Gaming VPN

The only purpose of a VPN is to hide your IP address and provide a secure browsing session each time you’re online. A virtual private network reroutes your traffic through a private server via an encrypted virtual tunnel, providing a secure connection, and protecting your data along the way. 

With that in mind, there are several great benefits a gamer can reap from using a VPN. Aside from increased anonymity, privacy, and security, here are some additional benefits of using a VPN for gaming. 

1. Protection against swatting

It often happens that you manage to annoy a gamer while playing multiplayer games. And you can even get on someone’s nerve to the point that they start stalking you. If these gamers get their hands on your IP address, they could do some substantial damage to your online persona by hacking into your social media accounts. 

In more severe cases, they could even stalk you for real by tracking down your location. 

If things go sour, they could even use swatting on you – a form of harassment that includes everything from sending an emergency service to your home address, calling in a hostage situation or a bomb threat, and so on. A VPN can save you all the trouble.

2. Protection against DDoS attacks

A DDoS attack is when someone severs your online connection and forces you to go offline. A DDoS attack is when a hacker uses a compromised device to send a massive amount of requests to your system. In most cases, these attacks are reserved for major websites, but there are also cases where online games are involved. 

Anyone can perform it because DDoS software is widely available online. If you rattle a gamer’s cage, bad actors might use this attack on you to force you to go offline and lose your progress and advantage in the game. 

However, you can easily prevent them from doing this by getting a VPN gaming protection. Hide your IP, and they won’t be able to find your connection nor overload your system with unnecessary data.

3. Additional safety when using public WiFi

Whether you prefer playing games on your laptop, tablet, or phone, the chances are that you’ll occasionally use a public WiFi connection. This connection is pretty much everywhere around you – shopping malls, hotel lobbies, motels, restaurants, stores, airports, you name it.

All you need to connect is a hotspot, and your connection to the internet. The only problem is – this connection is anything but secure. There is a vast amount of threats that can come from using public WiFi, so it’s better to use a VPN and not leave anything to chance.

4. Unencrypted networks

It is another problem with using public WiFi. The majority of these connections go via unencrypted networks. That pretty much leaves you completely exposed to any prying eyes out there. Your data between the router and your device is available to anyone. 

5. WiFi snooping

Last on the list is WiFi listening, snooping and sniffing. Since there is a wide range of unique devices and software available to cybercriminals, they can use these hacking tools to spy on your WiFi traffic. In other words, everything you do online becomes accessible to hackers. 

Moreover, they can snatch this data and use it against you. Any cybercriminals could use your data to hijack your banking accounts, credit cards, or social media accounts. In the most severe cases, they can even use your data to install malware on your device without you being aware of it. 

If you want to enjoy your gaming experience without ever thinking about the risks and troubles of going online, install and use a VPN for your gaming sessions. It’s the best way to ensure the maximum level of protection, safety, privacy, security, and anonymity.