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Release date and cross-platform racing glory of GRID Legends revealed


As the GRID franchise has evolved over the years, we’ve come to love it ever more. There’s a seriously high chance that the old love meter will rise again when GRID Legends releases, especially now that EA and Codemasters have confirmed the launch date, the cross-platform racing goodness within and a whole ton of features.

If you’re up for experiencing some edge of your seat racing action, GRID Legends is likely to provide it. It’ll launch on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and PC (through both Origin and Steam) come February 25th 2022.

When it does arrive, racing gamers are going to be in for a treat as spectacular multi-class, cross-platform racing will come to the fore, giving players the opportunity to live out their very own motorsport story for real.

Promising a deep career, an epic story mode, chances to involve yourself in race creator action and to take in cross-platform play, GRID Legends is certainly on the verge of being the greatest GRID game to date.

When it does arrive in Feb 2022, the all-action racer will feature the biggest variety of game modes, including a deeper Career with over 250 events, an epic story mode entitled ‘Driven to Glory’, the return of Drift and Elimination, and the introduction of Electric Boost racing. Drivers of all levels will be able to immediately jump behind the wheel of over 100 vehicles at launch, race around the world from classic tracks to iconic city locations, and connect with friends and rivals in seconds with cross-platform multiplayer thanks to the hop-in feature.

It’ll be coming in both Standard and Deluxe Editions, with those looking to pre-order given the exclusive Seneca & Ravenwest Double-Pack content. Available on launch day, this content unlocks four additional cars for Career events: the Aston Martin Vantage GT4, Porsche 962C, Ginetta G55 GT4, and Koenigsegg Jesko. The pack also features exclusive Ravenwest-focused Career events and exclusive Seneca and Ravenwest team icons, liveries and banners, so players can personalise their vehicles and show them off online.

GRID Legends will feature more gameplay choices than any previous GRID title, including the return of community-requested Drift mode and fan favourite, Elimination which puts all the pressure on the back-markers, with drivers dropping out periodically until only one remains. Further to that, the new Race Creator lets players host their dream multi-class match-ups, pitting different vehicle types together to create unique racing moments in every race. The experience can be personalised further by changing the weather conditions, time of day, or adding ramps and boost gates, so no race is ever the same.

‘Driven to Glory’ is a gritty motorsport story that throws players in at the deep end as teams battle for the GRID World Series. Created using virtual production technology and featuring award-winning actor Ncuti Gatwa, Driven to Glory comes to life using real actors instead of motion-capture, blending movie sequences with racing challenges. After the story’s finale, progress carries into career progression, opening up a new series of events to complete.

GRID Legends also boasts an improved multiplayer system that puts racing and connecting with friends at the heart of the experience. Not only does it support cross-platform gameplay, updating players as to when their friends are online, but it allows them to start racing in three quick button presses. There will be no more waiting for friend requests and lobbies; select a race, and the action begins almost simultaneously.

“With the release date set, the studio is putting the final polish to our deepest GRID game ever,” said Chris Smith, GRID Game Director at Codemasters. “GRID Legends is an all-action accessible racer focused on variety and choice; deep career, a new innovative story mode and a Race Creator that allows players to create dream racing match-ups with deep personalisation. And our new hop-in gameplay enables friends to connect in seconds and spend more time on the track and less time in lobbies.”

Sold on GRID Legends? Let us know about it in the comments. And hold tight for further thoughts from us in regards the game real soon.

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