Are you tired of saving the day and being the hero of the hour? Well fear not, because Digerati have confirmed that anarchic cartoony 2D action-platformer Nefarious is coming very soon and you are the villain of the story!

Nefarious lets players take on the role of Crow, a super-villain with dastardly designs on world domination. He’s an evil genius on a rather epic quest that requires him to steal princesses in order to fuel the royalty-powered death ray – Doom Howitzer – that’ll help him take over the world. There are five different kingdoms to conquer and wreak havoc within, as you aim to defeat all of the heroes trying to bring you down; essentially you are the iconic boss for them to battle. Along the way, different ammo types will unlock for your trusty grenade launcher and the explosive punches you posses can be customised with various options present.

You can conquer the world pretty soon as Nefarious will be available to purchase from 11th/12th September on PlayStation 4 (NA/EU respectively), 13th September on Nintendo Switch, and then 14th September for us lot playing on Xbox One.

Maybe being the hero isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, so will you give the bad guy role a go when Nefarious launches next month? Get in touch using the comments below or by hitting us up on our social media channels!

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