Action RPG fan? Need to relive the golden age of role playing? Zenith should be able to sort you out with a magical fantasy world!

Available on Xbox One for £15.99, Zenith brings a solid fantastical story that sees you exploring ruins, unleashing the apocalypse and heading off to saving the world. A bit like your normal every day life then eh!?

The inclusion of plenty of humour and parody should mean that if you fancy getting involved in Zenith then you need to make your way to the Xbox One Games Store now. If you’re on the fence, then hold off until our full review drops soon.

Game Description:

Zenith is an action RPG that combines that feel of the golden era RPG games with a generous dose of humor and parody. The game counts with a solid story which unfolds in a fantasy world populated by dozens of unorthodox characters. Adventuring, exploring ruins, accidentally unleashing the apocalypse, saving the world… you’ve done it all, and so has Argus. And, frankly, he’s a bit fed up with the whole thing. He used to be a wizard, which was fine and all, but he’s in his 30s now, and he wants to settle down, get some peace and quiet. But that’s not easy to get with all those spike-haired buffoons dragging their giant swords around and ruining the pavement. Specially when you’re trying to keep a dangerous artifact hidden from meddling heroes with a chosen one complex.

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