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The Dark Seeker Saga may have closed its near 20-year journey, but Kingdom Hearts doesn’t want you to forget all the memorable music throughout that period, announcing Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory, a brand-new rhythm action game. And unlike the wait between previous entries, this new spin-off is coming this year to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and for the first time, Nintendo Switch.

Featuring over 140 musical numbers spanning the entire franchise, players will once again be able to join up with Sora, Donald and Goofy, alongside a cast of instantly recognisable Disney characters through unforgettable worlds and moments. Melody of Memory will also include music plucked straight from the films with some cinematic classics from the House of Mouse itself.

Coming from Square Enix and Disney, Melody of Memory will feature an engaging single-player story but also online multiplayer as you try and outscore your opponents. To get an early upper hand, check out the trailer below:

Does that stuff at the end allude to further development of Kairi’s story? One thing we know for sure is that even though this is a Kingdom Hearts spin-off, expect some important plot points to be hidden away as one of gaming’s most convoluted plots looks set to continue.

But for fans of the soundtrack that isn’t the only news: the Kingdom Hearts III soundtrack is coming in the Fall, perhaps to coincide with the release of Melody of Memory? Either way, having a copy of the exemplary work of Yoko Shimomoura – alongside contributions from Takeharu Ishimoto and Tsuyoshi Sekito – has been a fan requested soundtrack for a long time.

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Additionally, a new chapter in the Kingdom Hearts series is available for smartphones from today in Kingdom Hearts Dark Road, which explores the teenage years of Master Xehanort. Players can uncover this tale and other secrets using card-based gameplay mechanics and is available from app stores across mobile devices right away through the Kingdom Hearts Union χ Dark Road app.

Stay tuned for more information on this new Xbox One instalment of the franchise as and when we get it, but feel free to hit us up in the comments for your favourite musical pieces from Kingdom Hearts! Hopefully our wish list can match the 140 that Square Enix put in the final product! 


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