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Restore order in hell with More Dark on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PS4

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Even the dark lord himself needs a break sometimes, but when left in the hands of his heir, all hell breaks loose – literally. It’s going to be up to you to guide the heir to lay down the law and restore order in 2D platformer More Dark on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Hot on the heels of HugePixel’s other recent Xbox release, the rather poor Lord of the Click, they will be hoping More Dark fares much better. Well fortunately, the two games couldn’t be more different on paper at least, with the latter being a platformer. Set in hell, you’ll take control of the Lord of the Other World’s daughter, Evilina, while he’s having a well-earned vacation. With Evilina in charge, the damned prisoners have immediately seized the opportunity and escaped their confinements. The once peaceful dominion is in disarray, with baddies now scattered throughout the kingdom.

With more than 60 levels capturing the gloomy, yet stylish, pixelated world of More Dark, you’ll need to fix this mess. Not only must you avoid obstacles like spikes to navigate each room, but also take down the convicts and solve puzzling problems. Your platforming skills are going to be seriously tested if you’re to earn any kind of redemption for the utter chaos caused under your leadership.

So, should you wish to save hell in More Dark, jump on over to the Xbox Store or PS Store – with a Switch release expected on 27th November – and pay the relatively low price of £4.99. That seems a reasonable fee for the privilege to do the devil’s work, and you could get it at a discount price of £3.99 if you’re swift enough, but are you up to the task? Comment below or reach out on social media to let us know!

Game Description:

After the Lord of the Other World went on vacation his leadership was temporarily taken over by his sweet daughter, Evilina and chaos ensued. The prisoners of damnation have all escaped from their confinements and scattered about the kingdom, shattering the fragile peace of the devil’s dominion. Your task is to return order to Hell, corral the escaped convicts, and cleanse each area of chaos and anarchy. Can you save Hell, or perhaps earn redemption? Features: * 60 levels * Variety of mechanics * Hidden keys to unlock hats * Gloomy, stylish pixel graphics * Retro-inspired music

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