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After something casual but pretty challenging? The team at eastasiasoft have got your back as they deliver the retro arcade shooter Many Faces to Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. 

Available right this second from the Xbox Store for a discounted price of £3.35 (normally £4.19) Many Faces delivers no less than 50 randomised levels, a whole host of different enemy types, and a good old smattering of bosses – who will turn up unannounced, however they see fit. 

Building in a retro style that is complemented by a gorgeous 8-bit soundtrack comprising a variety of artists, the joy of Many Faces on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch just has to come from the fact that no two runs will ever be the same, that customisation and upgrade opportunities will be plentiful, and that those looking for a multi-directional shooting experience will be catered for. 

Features include:

  • Take on 50+ randomized levels, 17 in each playthrough.
  • Dodge hazards to stay in the fight!
  • Fight more than a dozen enemy face types, each with unique movement and attack patterns.
  • Overcome 7 challenging bosses in unpredictable order.
  • Wear hats to gain unique abilities or gun modifications.
  • Get pumped with a varied and nostalgic 8-bit soundtrack!

How do you get access to all this fun? Well, the Xbox Store will happily sort you out with the usual download. Just pay it a visit, splash out the cash required and your job will be a good ‘un. You should however also be able to find Many Faces available on PS4 and Nintendo Switch too.

If you’re interested in what Many Faces provides but wish to know more then our full review of the game on Xbox One will be coming your way real soon. Should you not be able to wait for that though then the little trailer below should well suffice. Just let us know what you think of this latest retro beast – the comments are down below.

Game Description:

Retro arcade shooting lives again! Make the Many Face King pay for waking you from your beauty sleep! Many Faces is a multi-directional shooter inspired by arcade classics, combining single-screen action with randomized stages that will constantly keep you on your toes. Customize your character’s weapon and abilities as you go, further guaranteeing that no two runs will ever be the same.


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