Bit Orchard: Animal Valley Xbox

The year is 2022. Almost 18 months have passed since the Xbox Series X released and I would still argue the power of this console hasn’t really been tested. But it doesn’t look like it will be tested any time soon either, as I will be too busy playing this next game. Bit Orchard: Animal Valley releases today on Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

This new farming simulator is heavily inspired by the Nintendo Game Boy and Harvest Moon. Not only can farming simulators be traced back to this iconic handheld console, but the graphics for Bit Orchard are so on point with it too. Right down to the green tinged background, it really does look the part.

In Bit Orchard: Animal Valley, you are tasked with collecting apples on your orchard to sell and use that money to improve it. As you invest and expand your land, new tasks will open up to you to undertake. And as you start to make a name for yourself, you may start to be recognised and begin new friendships. Maybe something more too?

As well as the Game Boy inspired graphics, Bit Orchard: Animal Valley also has a chiptune soundtrack. You can choose which songs to play – and which to skip – back at your house. The catchy soundtrack will almost have you whistling while you work.

Bit Orchard: Animal Valley is available to download now priced at £4.99 on the Xbox Store. If that isn’t cheap enough for you, there is an early adopter discount dropping it to £3.99 for a limited time. Our review is coming soon, once we have found our way out of our own orchard. Stay tuned.

Game description

UPGRADE YOUR ORCHARD Sell your apples to earn money and improve your orchard. Expand your land and find new secrets. Who knows, maybe you’ll make new friends along the way… RETRO GRAPHICS Enjoy a trip down memory lane, with stylized 2D graphics, resembling old Game Boy titles. If you love pixel art games, you shouldn’t hesitate to try out this charming game. CHIPTUNE MUSIC You’ll hear a few catchy tunes to improve on your adventure. You can swap between tracks, whenever you go back into your room, for some much-needed rest.

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